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What does the word "SMART" stand for in business?

  • Specific, Measureable, Acheiveable, Realistic, Time
  • Special, Material, Achieve, Resources, Time
  • Sales, Monitor, Affect, Recognition, Time
  • Safe, marketing, available, Realistic, Time


What are the 2 types of "Markets" in business?

  • Businsess to Brand, Business to Cilents
  • Business to Business, Business to Consumer
  • Business to Retail, Business to Services
  • Business to Individuals, Business to Pupils


What are the three types of "Business models" in business?

  • Service Model, Admin Models, Monitor Models
  • Retail Model, Business Model, Genius Model
  • Sales Model, Advertising Model, Marketing Model
  • Owner Model, Adverter Model, Mall Model


What does the word "USP" stand for in business?

  • Unique Share Point
  • Unique Service Point
  • Unique Sales Point
  • Unique Selling Point


What is the meaning of the word "Budgeting"?

  • Planning future expeniture and revenue targets with the aim of ensuring a profit is made
  • Planning targets of marketing
  • Planning and taking action of budgetary control
  • Planning income and expenditure to be equal


What are the 4Ps of the "Marketing mix" in business?

  • Froduct, Frice, Flace, Fromotion
  • Product, Price, Place, Promotion
  • Mroduct, Mrice, Mlace, Mromotion
  • Sroduct, Srice, Slace, Sromotion


What is the meaning of the word "Gross Profit"?

  • An area which allows people to achieve their marketing profit
  • When a customer is existing products
  • The money made from selling a product
  • Working together to organise a research


What is the meaning of the word "The supply chain"?

  • It manufacturers to a retailer to help wholesaler to look at their product
  • Business which sells good directly to the public
  • Sell large quantities of goods to other business
  • The supply chain is the series of stages that a product goes through to reach a customer