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Ye Olde UK TV Quiz

This quiz features a lot of very early UK tv programmes. You have been warned. To anyone trying it ... Good Luck. May bring back some memories. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

First broadcast in 1955 through to a one off special in 2007, who was the first person to host "This is Your Life?"

  • Hughie Green
  • Eamonn Andrews
  • Ralph Edwards
  • David Frost

Question 2 Photo

The man seen in the picture presented "Top of the Form", an inter~schools quiz show. What was his name?

  • Cliff Michelmore
  • Raymond Baxter
  • Richard Baker
  • Geoffrey Wheeler

Question 3 Photo

The fellow on the right is Jake Thackray who provided topical ditties of the day on numerous shows. On which topical TV show did he make his debut?

  • That's Life
  • That Was The Week That Was
  • Bradens Week
  • Consumers Report

Question 4 Photo

Altogether now " They asked me how I knew it was _____ , I of course replied with lower grades one buys smoke gets in your eyes" Created in 1959, what did this chap advertise?

  • Fire Lighters
  • Esso Blue paraffin
  • Brickets
  • Smokeless Coal

Question 5 Photo

In the 1970s ITV's wrestling coverage on "World of Sport" could command up to 12m viewers watching the likes of Mick McManus, Jackie Pallo and Les Kellet, Who was the legendary commentator?

  • Kent Walton
  • Eddie Waring
  • Freddie Grisewood
  • Keith Kyle

Question 6 Photo

Which rather scary at times 1960's kid's show featured such titles as "The Tinderbox", "The Singing Ringing Tree", "The Proud Princess" and "The Boy and the Pelican?"

  • Worldwide Tales
  • Teatime Tales
  • Tales From Europe
  • Global Tales

Question 7 Photo

Running from 1959 to 1967, what was the name of the show pictured which starred Raymond Francis as Detective Superintendent Tom Lockhart and Johnny Briggs (Corrie) as Sergeant Russel?

  • Lockhart of the Yard
  • The Blue Line
  • No Hiding Place
  • Lock Up

Question 8 Photo

Children's programme "Blue Peter" (1958 ~ present) has over the years had an abundance of presenters. Who from the choices given lasted the longest?

  • Valerie Singleton
  • Simon Groom
  • Konnie Huq
  • John Noakes

Question 9 Photo

Cast your mind back to Q.1 (This Is Your Life): Which ex~boxer was the first person to fall victim to "The Big Red Book?"

  • Sir Roger Bannister
  • Eamon Andrews
  • Henry Cooper
  • Scobie Breasley


I guarantee you this is well worth a watch: What was the name of this 1960's series generally shown round about 5.15 pm on BBC

Video question, click on play button
  • The Scarlet Cavalier
  • The Queens Blade
  • The Renegade Musketeer
  • The Flashing Blade