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21st Century Technology Quiz

Imagine it is 200 years from now and you are a history student studying Technology of the Early 21st Century, how much do you know? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Quite new just a few years before, by 2015 even these pictured gadgets were considered old, what are they called?

  • Music pods
  • I Pods
  • Music Players
  • MP3 Pods

Question 2 Photo

You've learned this pictured contraption was some kind of controller for a gaming device, but which one?

  • An X Box
  • A Playstation
  • A Wii
  • A Nintendo DS

Question 3 Photo

This pictured device, you have discovered, was used to read books (whatever they are), what is it called?

  • A Kindle
  • An I pad
  • An 'Electro' book
  • A 'Netbook'

Question 4 Photo

A rival to the 'Apple i Phone', which company made this pictured 'smartphone'?

  • Nokia
  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • Galaxy

Question 5 Photo

In 2015 being able to take photos of yourself was very important, what is the name of this pictured device, designed to make this easier?

  • Phone holder stick
  • 'Selfie' stick
  • Self photo taker
  • Camera stick

Question 6 Photo

Before people used their phones to help them navigate their way through the world they would use these purpose made contraptions, what are they called?

  • Sat Navs
  • Tomtom maps
  • Electro Maps
  • 'Portamaps'

Question 7 Photo

Cars too were changing rapidly, but which statement is the only one that is true about cars in the early 21st century?

  • All cars were 'hybrid' or 'duel fuel' by 2015
  • All cars were electric powered by 2015
  • By 2015 some cars were 'hybrid' or 'electric powered
  • By 2015 all new cars were 'self driving'

Question 8 Photo

What type of camera, with multiple lenses available, which some people were still using in 2015, is pictured here?

  • A basic film camera
  • A 'compact' camera
  • An SLR camera
  • A'Bridge' camera

Question 9 Photo

These portable 'computer' like devices, you have discovered, were very popular in the early 21st century, but what are they?

  • Tablets
  • Portable computers
  • Laptops
  • Mini computers

Question 10 Photo

Finally you have come across this strange looking object and find out it was a 'mass storage device' that could be used with 'computers'. Which of the following was not a common name for this?

  • USB stick
  • 'Memory' pen
  • 'Floppy disk'
  • 'Flash drive'