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The Parent Trap Quiz

This quiz is based on a romantic comedy film called "The Parent Trap" 11 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which character roles does Lindsay Lohan play in "The Parent Trap"?

  • Annie James and Hallie Parker
  • Abbey James and Hayley Parker
  • Amanda James and Hermione Parker
  • Anna James and Handy Parker

Question 2 Photo

Who is Annie's and Hallie's father in "The Parent Trap"?

  • Nathan Parker
  • Noel Parker
  • Nick Parker
  • Nattin Parker

Question 3 Photo

Who's mother is a English wedding gown designer in "The Parent Trap"?

  • Amanda and Handy
  • Annie and Hallie's
  • Amy and Hayley
  • April and Hardy

Question 4 Photo

Who is Nick's girlfriend and is planning to marry Nick for his money and later on breaks up with him in "The Parent Trap"?

  • Muffy Blake
  • Mandy Blake
  • Marcy Blake
  • Meredith Blake

Question 5 Photo

Who is the Parker family housekeeper and meets martin and falls in love with him in "The Parents Trap"?

  • Chloe
  • Christina
  • Chessy
  • Chelsea

Question 6 Photo

Who is the James family's butler and falls in love with Chessy in "The Parent Trap"?

  • Martin
  • Michael
  • Mark
  • Mike

Question 7 Photo

Who is the owner and manager of a summer camp in "The Parent Trap"?

  • Moley Kulp
  • Maggie Kulp
  • Margaret Kulp
  • Marva Kulp

Question 8 Photo

Who is this character in "The Parent Trap"?

  • Marva Kulp's Daughter and Assistant
  • Marva Kulp's Niece and Friend
  • Marva Kulp's Neighbour and Manager
  • Marva Kulp's Social Worker and Owner

Question 9 Photo

Who is Elizabeth father, Annie's and Hallie's grandfather in "The Parent Trap"?

  • Charles James
  • Claude James
  • Chandler James
  • Christopher James

Question 10 Photo

Who are Meredith parents in the "The Parent Trap"?

  • Victoria Blake, Lee Blake
  • Vicki Blake, Les Blake
  • Vendy Blake, Luke Blake
  • Vetterna Blake, Lucas Blake

Question 11 Photo

Who does Nick get remarried to at the end of the show in "The Parent Trap"?

  • Meredith Blake
  • Elizabeth James
  • Margaret Jones
  • Linda Timson