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Which witch is which?

This is another word quiz, but this time about words which sound the same even though they have different spellings. 10 Questions.

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Can you correctly fill in the blanks, A... is a type of fruit, Two socks are called a...?

  • Pare, Pear
  • Pair, Pare
  • Pear, Pair
  • Pair, Pear


Can you fill in the blanks in this sentence, The dog pressed the... button with his...?

  • Pause, Paws
  • Paws, Pause
  • Pause, Pause
  • Paw, Paw


Can you correctly fill in the blanks, It was... far to walk... the park so the... of us rode our bikes?

  • To, to, too
  • Two, too, to
  • To, To, two
  • Too, to, two


Which two words fill in the blank in this sentence, I wanted to learn to... ... I bought a needle and some thread from the craft store?

  • So, sew
  • So, so
  • Sew, so
  • Sew, sew


Which words correctly complete these sentences, have you... any good books lately? My favourite colour is...?

  • Read, reed
  • Read, red
  • Reed, red
  • Red, read


Can you fill in these two blanks correctly, come... at once! Sorry, you'll have to speak up I can't.. you over this noise.

  • Here, here
  • Hear, here
  • Here, hear
  • Hear, here


Which words correctly complete these two sentences, she had long golden..., I saw a... in the field yesterday?

  • Hair, Hair
  • Her, hair
  • Hare, hear
  • Hair, hare


Can you correctly fill in these blanks, ... are you going now? What should I... to the party?

  • Where, wear
  • Ware, ware
  • Where, ware
  • Wear, Where


Why are they crying? ....crying because... is no one at... party, which words fill in the blanks?

  • They're, their, there
  • There, their, they're
  • They're,there, their
  • Their, there, there


I bought a... dress today, I ... he would be late. Which words correctly fill in the blanks above?

  • Knew, new
  • New, Knew
  • Knew, Knew
  • New, New