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Debut Single Quiz I

This quiz is about debut singles that hit number one on the music charts. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which single was Billy Ray Cyrus's debut on the charts?

  • Could've Been Me
  • Somebody New
  • Deju Blue
  • Achy Breaky Heart

Question 2 Photo

Which single was Alicia Key's debut on the charts?

  • Fallin'
  • Troubles
  • Mr. Man
  • Caged Bird

Question 3 Photo

Which single was Beyonce's debut on the charts? (non-soundtrack single)

  • Work It Out
  • Baby Boy
  • Crazy In Love
  • Me, Myself and I

Question 4 Photo

Which single was Los del Rio's debut on the charts?

  • Baila, Baila
  • Macarena
  • Coraz√≥n Loco
  • Abuela Rosario

Question 5 Photo

Which single was C+C Music Factory's debut on the charts?

  • Here We Go (Let's Rock & Roll)
  • Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
  • Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
  • Just a Touch of Love

Question 6 Photo

Which single was Player's debut on the charts?

  • Baby Come Back
  • Silver Lining
  • I'd Rather Be Gone
  • Givin' It All

Question 7 Photo

Which single was Daniel Powter's debut on the charts?

  • Love You Lately
  • Next Plane Home
  • Best of Me
  • Bad Day

Question 8 Photo

Which single was Deee-Lite's debut on the charts?

  • Groove Is in the Heart
  • Runaway
  • Thank You Everyday
  • Call Me

Question 9 Photo

Which single was Rockwell's debut on the charts?

  • Taxman
  • Tokyo
  • Somebody's Watching Me
  • Grow Up

Question 10 Photo

Which single was Tag Team's debut on the charts?

  • Whoomp! (There It Is)
  • U Go Girl
  • Here It Is, Bam!
  • Funkey Situation