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The Stranglers Music #2 Quiz

Another in my series of The Stranglers' extensive series of tracks and albums. Don't like, don't play- simple. 10 Questions.

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Which of the following songs was the first single released by 'The Stranglers' in 1977?

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  • 'No More Heroes'
  • '(Get a) Grip (On Yourself)'
  • '5 Minutes'
  • 'Ugly'

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Which of the following albums released by 'The Stranglers' did not feature a track named after the title of the album itself?

  • 'La Folie'
  • 'No More Heroes'
  • 'The Raven'
  • 'Aural Sculpture'


Which of 'The Stranglers'' songs had its music video banned by the BBC due to its 'blasphemous' content?

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  • 'Bear Cage'
  • 'Duchess'
  • 'Ice'
  • 'Nice in Nice'


Can you finish the lyrics from 'The Stranglers' song? : 'Let me tell you about Sweden/Only country where the _______ are interesting'

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  • Clouds
  • Cars
  • People
  • Clubs

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Which track, which featured from 'The Stranglers'' album 'The Raven,' was released on an extended version of the album in 2001 and was sung in French?

  • 'Shah Shah A Go Go'
  • 'Crabs'
  • 'Yellowcake UF6'
  • 'Don't Bring Harry'


Which of the following 'The Stranglers' songs is NOT an instrumental?

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  • 'Waltzinblack'
  • 'Yellowcake UF6'
  • 'Norfolk Coast'
  • 'Another Camden Afternoon'

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Which was the last non- limited edition single to be released by 'The Stranglers' from the album 'Suite XVI'?

  • 'Spectre of Love'
  • 'Relentless'
  • 'Unbroken'
  • 'I Hate You'

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Can you put these albums released by 'The Stranglers' into order based on the date of their release, with the earliest at the top (HINT: Leon Trotsky, newspapers, kitty, Aboriginals)?

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  • 'Black and White'
  • 'No More Heroes'
  • 'Feline'
  • 'Dreamtime'


Can you match the single to 'The Stranglers' album they came from?

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  • 'Aural Sculpture'
  • 'Feline'
  • 'The Raven'
  • 'Black and White'


  • 'No Mercy'
  • 'European Female'
  • 'Nice n Sleazy'
  • 'Duchess'

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Finally, which was the first album released by 'The Stranglers' after the 1990 departure of lead vocalist Hugh Cornwell?

  • 'Written in Red'
  • 'Stranglers In The Night'
  • 'Coup de Grace'
  • 'About Time'