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Weird And Wacky Road Signs Quiz

Hopefully I've managed to make an otherwise boring subject fun in the form of a quiz. All examples are found in the UK. 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What does this road sign warn drivers of?

  • Men putting up umbrellas in road
  • Roadworks ahead
  • Bad weather likely
  • Tiny 'Daleks' in road

Question 2 Photo

What does this road sign mean?

  • Pond ahead
  • Danger Squashed frogs, road may be slippery
  • Toads crossing
  • Slow speeding frogs

Question 3 Photo

Where, in particular, might this road sign be found?

  • Near schools and playgrounds
  • Near railway crossings
  • On the motorway
  • On a dual carriageway

Question 4 Photo

What does this road sign mean?

  • Red and Black cars only
  • Duel carriageway ahead
  • No overtaking
  • No cars allowed

Question 5 Photo

What does this road sign tell drivers?

  • Motorbike stunt riders ahead
  • No Jumping cars on motorbikes
  • Warning low flying motorcycles ahead
  • No motor vehicals allowed

Question 6 Photo

What does this road sign mean?

  • Ducks or other wildfowl crossing
  • Pond ahead
  • Danger squashed ducks, road may be slippery
  • Ducks for sale ahead

Question 7 Photo

Where would you find a road sign like this one?

  • On a pedestrian crossing
  • Approaching a roundabout
  • Near a level crossing
  • Approaching a ringroad

Question 8 Photo

Finally what does this road sign mean?

  • White lines on road
  • No road markings
  • Dead end ahead
  • No Entry