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The Stranglers Music Quiz

A quiz about the Stranglers' music- not about the band itself. 10 Questions.

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Which Stranglers band member provided the vocals for the tracks 'Genetix' and 'Dead Ringer'?

  • Jean-Jacques Burnel
  • Dave Greenfield
  • Hugh Cornwell
  • Jet Black

Question 2 Photo

"The Stranglers'" best ever charting single, 'Golden Brown' was originally released on which album?

  • 'Black and White'
  • 'Aural Sculpture'
  • 'Feline'
  • 'La Folie'

Question 3 Photo

Alongside 'Duchess,' which were the other two singles released from the 'Stranglers' album 'The Raven'?

  • 'Don't Bring Harry' and 'Nuclear Device'
  • 'Ice' and 'Shah Shah A Go Go'
  • 'Baroque Bordello' and 'Genetix'
  • 'Longships' and 'Dead Los Angeles'


'The Stranglers' released their a music video for the first time in 22 years in 2012. Which track, from the album 'Giants', was it for?

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  • 'Another Camden Afternoon'
  • 'Mercury Rising'
  • 'Lowlands'
  • '15 Steps'

Question 5 Photo

Which was 'The Stranglers'' first single, released from the album 'Rattus Norvegicus'?

  • 'Nice 'n' Sleazy'
  • '(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)'
  • 'No More Heroes'
  • 'Walk on By'


'The Stranglers' bassist and keyboard player, Jean- Jacques Burnel and Dave Greenfield, released a series of 6 songs on the B-sides of various singles; what was the series called?

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  • 'The Chronicles of Vladimir'
  • 'Russian Tales'
  • 'The Strange Life of Vladimir'
  • 'Diary of a Russian'


Which of the following songs was not included on 'The Stranglers'' album 'Greatest Hits 1977-90'?

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  • 'European Female'
  • 'No Mercy'
  • '5 Minutes'
  • 'Skin Deep'

Question 8 Photo

Which 'The Stranglers' track from the album 'Aural Sculpture' was, according to lead vocalist Hugh Cornwell, about an American girlfriend of his?

  • 'Punch and Judy'
  • 'No Mercy'
  • 'Let Me Down Easy'
  • 'Ice Queen'


Which 'The Stranglers' track was used as the theme song for Keith Floyd's TV series 'Floyd on Food'?

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  • 'Waltzinblack'
  • 'Cruel Garden'
  • 'Always the Sun'
  • 'Sugar Bullets'

Question 10 Photo

When performed live at Battersea Park in 1978, which 'The Stranglers' song was accompanied by strippers coming onto the stage?

  • 'Peaches'
  • 'Nice 'n' Sleazy'
  • 'Go Buddy Go'
  • 'Golden Brown'