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Explore Your Knowledge 12 Quiz

New. Marking my return to Triviala with a new edition of my general knowledge series. 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which Lieutenant General in the British Army was the founder of the Scouting Movement?

  • Robert Baden Powell
  • John Cooper
  • David Capewell
  • James Dutton

Question 2 Photo

Which gas has the chemical formula O3?

  • Red Oxygen
  • Dioxygen
  • Ozone
  • Tetraoxygen

Question 3 Photo

Which fast food chain is represented by Colonel Sanders?

  • Burger King
  • Subway
  • McDonalds
  • KFC

Question 4 Photo

Which dictator killed the most of their own people during their tenure, with death tolls during their time in power reaching up to 70 million?

  • Papa Doc Duvalier
  • Mao Zedong
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Joseph Stalin

Question 5 Photo

During World War II, which nation launched Operation Uranus in 1942?

  • Soviet Union
  • Germany
  • USA
  • Japan

Question 6 Photo

Which sport is the national game of Bangladesh and Nepal?

  • Pato
  • Field Hockey
  • Tejo
  • Kabaddi

Question 7 Photo

Which country, as of 2015, was the latest to declare independence and become its own self- governing state?

  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Tuvalu
  • South Sudan
  • Oman

Question 8 Photo

'Golden Brown' was which band's best performing single, reaching No.2 in the UK Singles Chart and reaching the top 10 in similar charts abroad?

  • 'The Pogues'
  • 'The Stranglers'
  • 'The Clash'
  • 'The Jam'

Question 9 Photo

Which is the oldest line on the London Underground?

  • Metropolitan Line
  • District Line
  • Hammersmith and City Line
  • Waterloo and City Line

Question 10 Photo

Which of the following is the longest river in the United Kingdom?

  • River Wye
  • River Thames
  • River Tay
  • River Severn

Question 11 Photo

Due to its 'Saw' theme, the 'Saw: The Ride' rollercoaster is branded as the scariest in the world; which theme park is located at?

  • Thorpe Park
  • Alton Towers
  • Chessington World of Adventures
  • Legoland Windsor

Question 12 Photo

In John Steinbeck's famous novella 'Of Mice and Men,' which character is killed by the mentally challenged Lennie, resulting in his best friend George shooting him?

  • Slim
  • Curley's Wife
  • Candy
  • Carlson