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What Am I ? - Animals

"This is a quiz about various different animals... I'll give you the clues and you guess the animals. It's really easy !! Have fun !" 10 Questions.

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I am an Australian marsupial, not usually hopping slowly.When I have a baby, it's always called joey.What am I ?

  • bandicoot
  • kangaroo
  • opossum


I sometimes stay in a barn, a stable, or a shed.I can be short, but I can be tall too. I neigh when I call to you! What am I?

  • cow
  • horse
  • dog


I can be many striped colours - orange or white to name a few, I may be a cat, but I definitely don't say "mew". What am I ?

  • panther
  • leopard
  • tiger


I am a very dull creature, Really lazy and really slow.Judging from "Ice Age", I've been around since long ago . What am I?

  • sloth
  • kitten
  • mammoth


I sometimes make squeaks or clicks,And I swim in the ocean.I can be blue or grey, And I'm a mammal in motion.What am I?

  • Salmon
  • dolphin
  • shark


There are many cartoons that are based on me,To name a couple, there's Mickey and Minnie!I am small and usually white or grey,And I may live in your house or in a field in the hay.What am I?

  • mouse
  • duck
  • dog


I am a close relative of the dog, and I often travel in a pack. I can be colors of grey, white, or black.What am I?

  • bear
  • puma
  • wolf


I am a huge animal, in fact the largest on land, I can live in a zoo or on the African Savannah's sand. What am I?

  • rhinoceros
  • elephant
  • lion


I am small, hoppy and really quick, I usually live in a hole in a forest where the brush is really thick.I have long ears and a "cotton" tail,I am very cute and have a keen sense of smell.What am I?

  • moose
  • rabbit
  • weasel


I am the last animal, But not the least. My babies are called lambs, I have a thick coat of fleece.What am I?

  • sheep
  • chicken
  • cow