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My Parents Are Aliens Quiz

This quiz is based on a British, children's television sitcom and it was called "My Parents Are Aliens" 10 Questions.

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Which character is a Valuxian foster father of the Barker's and Bennett's and is an excellent scientist in "My Parents Are Aliens"?

  • Brian Johnson
  • Henry Davies
  • Steven Charles
  • Alex Clarks

Question 2 Photo

Which character is a Valuxian alien foster mother of the Barker's and Bennett's and is Brian's wife in "My Parents Are Aliens"?

  • Bethany Richards
  • Matilda Harrison
  • Sophie Johnson
  • Nora Stevens

Question 3 Photo

Which character is the Oldest of the Barker family, and her difficult pain comes from losing her parents as well as being moved to a different foster home in "My Parents Are Aliens"?

  • Chelsea Evans
  • Margaret Kent
  • Stacey Philips
  • Melanie Barker

Question 4 Photo

Which character is very talented in her school subjects, has a best friend called Wendy and her favourite subject is Chemistry in "My Parents Are Aliens"?

  • Linda Catwell
  • Lucia Barker
  • Lara Currivan
  • Lola Pennett

Question 5 Photo

Which character does not show much interest in his school studies and has two best friends called Pete and Frankie in "My Parents Are Aliens"?

  • Joshua Barker
  • Jack Billy
  • Mark Timms
  • Michael Lee

Question 6 Photo

Which character is a small, quiet boy, turns out to be an orphan from the children's home and is adopted in to a family in "My Parents Are Aliens"?

  • MJ
  • PJ
  • CJ
  • SJ

Question 7 Photo

Which character is Lucy's only friend, has a less popular culture than Lucy and she will always lose exams/tests to Lucy by 1% in "My Parents Are Aliens"?

  • Charlotte Williams
  • Wendy Richardson
  • Annie White
  • Lily Mikes

Question 8 Photo

Which character is Josh's long-suffering friend and often feels sorry for himself in "My Parents Are Aliens"?

  • Martin Tedstone
  • Felipe James
  • Frank Taylor
  • Pete Walker

Question 9 Photo

Which character is best friends with Josh and has a long- held crush on Mel in "My Parents Are Aliens"?

  • Frankie Perkins
  • Peter Johnson
  • Stephan David
  • James Simmons


Which theme intro does this song belong to in "My Parents Are Aliens"?

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  • Blue Water High
  • My Parents Are Aliens
  • Really Me
  • Saved by the Bell