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Wild Flowers, Who Am I ?

I love all sorts of wildflowers and I hope you do too. Hope you enjoy the quiz! 15 Questions.

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I grow the mostly in the east but 70 of my 80 species grow in the west. Our colours range from pink to red, and yellow to creamy white.Our leaf has 3 leaflets with toothed edges. Who am I?

  • Beggarweeds
  • Black-eyed susan
  • Clover


I am found commonly in moist fields, woodlands, and roadsides in the east and west. I have 5 dainty petals.The colours I most commonly come in are: deep purple and blue to yellow and white.

  • Bluebells
  • Toothwarts
  • Violet


There are about 67 native species of me. Another species of me is grown for its tasty edible tubers.They are cooked and eaten like potatoes. My color is yellow. Who am I?

  • Yellow Coneflowers
  • Sun Flower
  • Jewelweed


My colors come in white, yellow, and lilac. I grow up to 1 foot high.I have a tulip-like flower and small edible bulbs .One of my species is the Utah state flower. Who am I?

  • Mariposa Lily
  • Rue Anemone
  • Foamflowers


I am a semitropical plant. I have fern-like leaves and golden yellow flowers.I am also known as the Sensitive Plant and Bee Blossom .When my leaves are touched they fold slowly. Who am I?

  • Butter-and-Eggs
  • Partridge- Peas
  • Gilias


I am also known as a cowslip. I grow in moist, rich bottomlands.My flowers are pinkish when they open but later they become blue or lavender. Who am I?

  • Orchids
  • Mallows
  • Bluebells


I grow in moist places throughout the country.The ones of me that grow in the east are usually purplish-blue and like the woodlands.My leaves are usually small and toothed. Who am I?

  • Monkeyflowers
  • Spiderflowers
  • Gromwells


I am a woodland plant. I can often be found growing in the shades of evergreens.When my leaves are crushed they make a pleasant smell.My leaves stay on me all winter.Who am I?

  • Wintergreen
  • Goldenrods
  • Hepaticas


I have a stout stem and grow 2 to 5 feet high. I have broad flower clusters. My flowers are red to pink, lilac, and cream-white in colorAll my parts contain a milky juice.Who am I?

  • Hawkweeds
  • Woodsorrels
  • Milkweeds


I am a smooth vine that climbs by tendrils at the tips of my leaves.I have pea-like flowers and their colors go from purple to blue to white. Who am I?

  • Blazing-Stars
  • Vetches
  • Bluecurls


I like rich,moist eastern woodlands and brooksides. I have been so over-picked that I am really rare and need protection.I have tuble-like flowers that hummingbirds like to visit.Who am I?

  • Bluets
  • Adderstongues
  • Cardinal Flower


My colors range from pink to white. I grow in moist meadows, savanahs, and along the sandy coast (mainly in the Southeast).I have large blooms with yellow starlike centers. Who am I?

  • Rose Gentians.
  • Queen-Anne's-Lace.
  • Black-Eyed Susan.


I am found on prairies and hillsides in the west. I am also known as the Indian Paintbrush.I have a red or yellow stain on my cluster of leaf tips near my flower.Who am I?

  • Paintedcups
  • Smartweeds
  • Geradias


I am also called the Yellow Daisy. I am the best known Coneflower. I have large, golden flowerheads and a dark purple center. I grow 1 to 3 feet high. Who am I?

  • Black-Eyed Susan
  • Avalanche Lillies
  • Blazing-Stars


Some of us are annuals and some are perennials.I vary in color from purple to blue to white. I favor waste places, dry field borders, and roadsides. Who am I?

  • Meadow Beauties
  • Morning-Glories
  • Verveins