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Carry On Quizzing Final Quiz 20

"Carry On" were a classic film series of mayhem and innuendo. How many memories do they conjure for you? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In which "Carry On" film do the team manage to demolish a house whilst attempting to clear and clean it?

  • "Carry On Jack"
  • "Carry On Dick"
  • "Carry On Regardless"
  • "Carry On Behind"

Question 2 Photo

Which of the following is not one of the original regular cast of the "Carry On" films?

  • Kenneth Williams
  • Bernard Bresslaw
  • Kenneth Connor
  • Charles Hawtrey

Question 3 Photo

Which 'Dr.Who' plays the Egyptian soothsayer in the 1964 film "Carry On Cleo"?

  • William Hartnell
  • Sylvester McCoy
  • Patrick Troughton
  • Jon Pertwee

Question 4 Photo

Which "Carry On" film proved to be a major commercial failure and was withdrawn from some cinemas after just three days?

  • "Carry On England"
  • "Carry On Spying"
  • "Carry On Emmannuelle"
  • "Carry On Regardless"

Question 5 Photo

Which role in the 1967 film "Follow That Camel" is played by Kenneth Williams?

  • Sheikh Abdul Abulbul
  • Captain Le Pice
  • Commandant Burger
  • Sir Cyril Ponsonby

Question 6 Photo

Who played King Ferdinand of Spain in the 1992 film "Carry On Columbus"?

  • Bernard Cribbins
  • Leslie Phillips
  • Jon Pertwee
  • Julian Clary

Question 7 Photo

The streets of Windsor, Berkshire, were used as a location for external scenes of which "Carry On film"?

  • "Carry On Constable"
  • "Carry On Loving"
  • "Carry On At Your Convenience"
  • "Carry On Cabby"

Question 8 Photo

Despite the script being signed off and sets constructed at Pinewood film studios, which "Carry On" film was shelved due to the untimely death of Producer Peter Rogers in April 2009?

  • "Carry On Down Under"
  • "Carry On Flying"
  • "Carry On Escaping"
  • "Carry On London"

Question 9 Photo

What does Hope Springs (Barbara Windsor) organise to get better publicity for the Beauty Contest in the 1973 film "Carry On Girls"?

  • Press reception
  • Party
  • Catfight
  • A compromising photo of the Mayor

Question 10 Photo

Which of the regular team, at 26 films, made more "Carry On" films than any other?

  • Kenneth Connor
  • Sid James
  • Kenneth Williams
  • Charles Hawtrey