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The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle ...

It is all about the Bermuda Triangle and its mysteries. I hope you like it. 10 Questions.

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What is another name for the Bermuda Triangle?

  • Disappearance Triangle
  • Mystery Triangle
  • Devil's Triangle


In some of the air accidents,pilots informed the AirTrafficControl center that their entire navigation system quit working.What was the likely cause of these occurrences?

  • Aliens controlling the surrounding air
  • Atmospheric pressure variations
  • Magnetic variations


On one specific day, two famous accidents happened at the Bermuda Triangle. What was that date?

  • December 24th ,1940
  • December 5th ,1949
  • December 5th ,1945


British passenger aircraft G-AHNP Star Tiger lost six crew members and twenty-five passengers on January 30, 1948. Where was the aircraft heading?

  • Bermuda
  • Jamaica
  • Hawaii


The aircraft G-AGRE Star Ariel disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on January 17, 1949. What kind of weather problems did the crew experience that day?

  • There were no weather problems
  • Extremely cloudy
  • Heavy rain


In 1969, two lighthouse keepers disappeared from the Bahamas, causing many people to tie the incident to the powers of the Bermuda Triangle. From which island did they disappear?

  • Great Isaac Cay
  • Harbour Island
  • Beacon Cay


The book "Bermuda Triangle Mystery" was written by whom?

  • Daniel Burg
  • Donald Crowhurst
  • Lawrence David Kusche


Who is credited with creating the phrase "Bermuda Triangle"?

  • John Wallace Spencer
  • Vincent Gaddis
  • Charles Berlitz


Which of the following causes has been given as an explanation for the mysterious Bermuda Triangle disappearances?

  • All of these
  • Piracy
  • Human error


In the area of the Bermuda Triangle, what have satellites supposedly photographed?

  • Black water
  • Glowing water
  • White water