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You Are A Nightmare !!

Ever had a nightmare? Ever wondered what certain elements of your dream mean? This quiz will give generally accepted interpretations about dreams. 9 Questions.

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You have had this terrible nightmare where you were being chased and attacked by a tiger. What could this mean?

  • Repressed feelings
  • Unrequited love
  • Potential wealth


Every night you dream that you are fighting vampires, and you wake up shaking and scared to go back to sleep. What could this recurring dream be telling you?

  • Your partner is being unfaithful
  • There is an aspect of your life you need to sort out
  • You need to confront your fears


You dream you are at work, talking to your boss, and suddenly realise you are naked. What could this imply?

  • You need a pay rise to buy new clothes
  • You have nothing to hide
  • You are unprepared for a project or task


You are taking an exam, but the questions are written in a language you don't understand. The more you struggle to understand, the less comprehensible they become. What might this dream signify?

  • Lack of self confidence
  • Worry about a pending test of some sort
  • Fear of the unknown


You dream that you are awake, and a figure is moving around your bedroom coming towards you. When it gets near enough to see its face, you realise it is your own ghost. What does it signify ?

  • Fear of death
  • Fear of sleepwalking
  • Fear of ghosts


You are covered in feathers of all types and sizes, ranging from very small and downy to peacock and eagle feathers. Everywhere you look, there are more and more feathers. What might this tell you?

  • You have a fear of suffocation
  • You are very fashion conscious
  • You will have future success


You are walking along the pavement, when it suddenly turns into quicksand and you swiftly start to sink. People walking past ignore your cries for help . What message could this dream be sending?

  • You need help with a task but are afraid to ask for it
  • You are feeling insecure
  • You cannot trust someone close to you


You find a staircase that has never been there before and start to climb it. It gets steeper and although you climb you cannot reach the top. What this mean?

  • You must overcome your fear of heights
  • You are close to achieving an ambition
  • A frustrated desire to be a mountaineer


You are chasing someone,you lose sight of them,and suddenly realise that now they are chasing you and feel that you are running through treacle as they get closer and closer to you.This dream says..

  • You are afraid of commitment
  • You want to heal a rift with someone
  • You are avoiding a situation