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Wolfblood Quiz

This quiz is here to test your knowledge on Wolfbloods, to find out if you are a true wolfblood fan... 20 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In the first series of Wolfblood, episode one, Shannon finds a paw print of the 'beast'. Where?

  • The Moors
  • Drayman's lane
  • outside Bernie's cafe
  • Stonybridge


In series 2 of Wolfblood, what is the purpose of Shannon's present, 'the wise old owl' in the Smith's cellar/den?

  • Decoration
  • Good luck
  • Shannon's spy camera
  • memory of Rhydian

Question 3 Photo

What is the name of the siblings who help Jana, after being shot in series 3 in Wolfblood?

  • Alex and Rebecca
  • Meinir and Aran
  • Cadwr and Gwyn
  • Ceri and Gerwyn

Question 4 Photo

In theWolfblood episode- 'Maddy cool!' what convinces Shannon that Maddy is a werewolf?

  • Her street dance moves
  • She transforms into a wolf
  • Her eyes turn yellow
  • all of the above


Which four classmates are competing to be the representative for the school council in Wolfblood?

  • Maddy, Jana, Kara, Jimmy
  • Rhydian, Shannon, Tom, Jana
  • Maddy, Katrina, Kay, Kara
  • Rhydian, Liam, Tom, Jimmy

Question 6 Photo

In Wolfblood, what are the first lines from Dacia towards Rhydian?

  • Segolia welcomes you Rhydian
  • Maddy has moved to Canada, sorry
  • Rhydian, Maddy will be home soon
  • Hello, Rhydian. Maddy says to say 'Hi'.


What does Rhydian use to time when Mr Jefferies will arrive in class in Wolfblood, series 1?

  • Binoculars
  • Sense of smell
  • Eolas
  • Sense of hearing


In Wolfblood, series 2, what is Dohldrenc?

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  • A wolfblood power
  • A wild wolfblood secret
  • A wild wolfblood potion
  • Alric's nickname

Question 9 Photo

What excuse do the Smith's use to remove Rhydian form the police cell, before moonrise in Wolfblood?

  • Say he is a wolfblood
  • Threaten them
  • Say he has clinical lycanthropy
  • Say he thinks he is a werewolf


What does Maddy do for her presentation in the episode 'The Discovery' on Wolfblood?

  • Street dance
  • Transform into a wolfblood
  • A family tree history
  • Bring in her mum and dad in wolf form as her 'pet timber wolves'


In Wolfblood, when Rhydian finds Jana and Ceri cornering Dacia, what does he say to stop them? Finish the line: "Enough!..............................."

  • Let her take them."
  • My territory, my rules."
  • Why, Dacia?"
  • Get off my territory!"


How does Mr Jefferies' trophy end up getting on top of the roof of the school in a series 1 of Wolfblood?

  • It was supposed to be there
  • Jimmy placed it there
  • Nobody knows
  • Maddy and Rhydian put it there during detention

Question 13 Photo

On Wolfblood, what happened to Jana's dad, which had a big impact on her?

  • He was exiled
  • He died
  • He gets found out by humans that he is a wolfblood
  • He becomes a lone wolf

Question 14 Photo

Who do Rhydian and the others think is behind Cerberus in Wolfblood series 3?

  • Alric
  • Gerwyn
  • Victoria Sweeny
  • Meinir

Question 15 Photo

On an episode of Wolfblood, who traps Maddy and Rhydian in wolf form?

  • Kyle Collins
  • Kyle Mayers
  • Kyle Weathers
  • Kyle Lockwood

Question 16 Photo

What was Jana's first line on Wolfblood series 2?

  • "Alric, he's after you Rhydian."
  • "Going to school, like a human"
  • "I need these clothes!"
  • "I'm taking you back to the pack..."

Question 17 Photo

On Wolfblood, what does Rhydian say to Mr Jefferies to explain why he couldn't tell him about being a wolfblood?

  • "It's the law that we keep this secret."
  • "The secret is paramount."
  • "Sir, protecting the secret is the most important thing."
  • "You have no idea how much we wish we wanted tell you, but we couldn't..."

Question 18 Photo

How does Rhydian prevent Shannon from revealing the secret to the whole world that they are Wolfbloods?

  • Breaks her computer
  • Jumps through the window and convinces her
  • Makes her feel guilty
  • Threatens her


Where are the Smith's going now Whitewood has found out about the fact that they are Wolfbloods?

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  • Canada
  • Other pack in Devon
  • To the wild
  • Jana's pack

Question 20 Photo

Why does Alex Kincaid hate the Wolfblood species so much?

  • Scared of them
  • Jealous of their abilities
  • Thinks they are unnatural
  • Because of his foster brother who nearly tore his leg off