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The Lesser Poland (Malopolska) Quiz

A quiz dedicated to Malopolska, a historic region of Poland, including the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow and Auschwitz Birkenau. 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In which country in Europe is the historic, rich in heritage and natural beauty Voivodeship of Lesser Poland located?

  • Poland
  • France
  • Spain
  • Romania

Question 2 Photo

What is the capital of the Voivodeship of Malopolska, it is the second largest city in Poland by population?

  • Capital City of Warsaw
  • Royal Capital City of Krakow
  • Capital City of Poznan
  • The Royal Free City of Krosno

Question 3 Photo

The Royal Capital City of Krakow, was the main Capital City of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Polish Crown, between which years, after that Warsaw became the capital city?

  • 966 to 1038
  • 1038 to 1569
  • 1569 to 1786
  • 1786 to 1898

Question 4 Photo

The name of the city, Krakow, derives from ''what'', the literal translation of the city's name is ''Krak's Town''?

  • Derives from Krakus, the legendary founder of the city.
  • From one of the three legendary founders of Poland.
  • The name comes from a species of Eagle, the White Bielik found on the Coat of Arms of Poland.
  • This comes from the Krakow Mound, a steep hill for Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

Question 5 Photo

Where would you find the almost one-thousand-year-old Church of St Adalbert, from the Middle Ages?

  • Nowy Targ
  • Krakow
  • Zakopane
  • Rabka

Question 6 Photo

Which one of these World Heritage UNESCO Sites are located in the Voivodeship of Malopolska; two of them being the Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and Wooden Churches of Southern Lesser Poland?

  • Historic Centre of Krakow
  • Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines
  • Auschwitz Birkenau Nazi Germany Concentration Camp
  • All of the above

Question 7 Photo

The Wooden Churches of Lesser Poland (UNESCO), ''represent outstanding examples of different Medieval Church building in Roman Catholic culture'', in which architectural style are the Churches built?

  • Renaissance
  • Baroque
  • Gothic
  • Romanesque

Question 8 Photo

The Wieliczka Royal Mine, is totally made out of what type of raw material, including carved out artwork like Leonardo's ''The Last Supper'', and the grand St Kinga's Shaft and many others?

  • Salt
  • Coal
  • Copper
  • Nickel

Question 9 Photo

What is written on the infamous Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp entrance sign, which was made by prisoners with metalwork skills, erected by the order of the Nazis in June 1940?

  • Wenn der Reiter nichts taugt, ist das Pferd schuld
  • Eile mit Weile
  • Arbeit macht frei
  • Du siehst den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht

Question 10 Photo

What is the most popular ski resort town in Malopolska, the whole of Poland and the Carpathian Mountains, the town's architecture is based on the traditional highland region of Podhale?

  • Zakopane
  • Trybsz
  • Jablonia
  • Szlembark

Question 11 Photo

Which folklore group lives in the Podhale Region, in the Tatra Mountains and parts of the Beskidy Mountains, their name literally means ''Highlanders'' from Polish to English?

  • Gorale
  • Tatars
  • Sinti
  • Boyash

Question 12 Photo

What is the oldest building of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, dating back from the 14th century, one of its most notable students being Nicolaus Copernicus?

  • Collegium Maius
  • Universitas Wratislaviensis
  • Universitas Gedanensis
  • Aula Leopoldina