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Gorillaz Quiz #3

Check out the first two quizzes if you like this. These songs are from all their albums, now including their D-Sides album. Enjoy! 10 Questions.

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Which Gorillaz song is this? "Got off a plane to the country sound. I drove to the mountain and holding the ground. There was crack on the corner & someone dead, & fire coming out of a monkey's head."

  • Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey's Head
  • Broken
  • Don't Get Lost In Heaven
  • Punk


Which Gorillaz song is this? "Sun on dreamers. Repeat the faithful once again like water off the mountains, and it's the slipping of the sun."

  • We Are a Happy Landfill
  • California And The Slipping of the Sun
  • Slow Country
  • To Binge


Which Gorillaz song is this? "I didn't mean to do it. It loved me in my head. I tried to be a charmer, but got a bit hopeless instead. The world is very sexy. It's part of my collapse."

  • November Has Come
  • Hong Kong
  • On Melancholy Hill
  • RockIt


Which Gorillaz song is this? "It's a sweet sensation, over the dub. A one off situation. We don't want to stop."

  • ReHash
  • Revolving Doors
  • Pirate Jet
  • Kids With Guns


Which Gorillaz song is this? "And if the whole world is crashing down, fall through space out of my mind again. Where emptiness we leave on warm air rising blows all the shadows far away."

  • The Joplin Spider
  • Empire Ants
  • Spitting Out the Demons
  • Murdoc Is God


Which Gorillaz song is this? "Jump with them all and move it. Jump back and forth and feel like you were there yourself. Work it out."

  • O Green World
  • Dare
  • Superfast Jellyfish
  • 5/4


Which Gorillaz song is this? "Just falling out, not making much of anything at all but, All you could hide from was there, in the past of it."

  • Hongkongaton
  • Sweepstakes
  • Man Research (Clapper)
  • All Alone


Which Gorillaz song is this? "Dejalo si quieres continuar no ocultes tu alma al sol. Tienes una vida preciosa de que sirve si solo mueres suavemente."

  • Cloud Of Unknowing
  • The Parish Of Space Dust
  • People
  • Latin Simone


Which Gorillaz song is this? "Some kind of metal made up from glue. Some kind of plastic I could wrap around you. They need the eat, and they-they wear phony clothes."

  • Stop The Dams
  • Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
  • Some Kind Of Nature
  • Dracula


Which Gorillaz song is this? "I can slowly see a faded light away. In my mind and in my heart, I have no doubt. Oh, you wonder why."

  • Detriot
  • We Are A Happy Landfill
  • Bobby In Phoneix
  • Sound Check (Gravity)