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The Macedonia Quiz (FYROM)

Macedonia is an ancient land, and a historical and beautiful country. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

The capital city of Macedonia, Skopje, has been leveled to the ground twice (518 and 1953), by what devastating force?

  • Earthquakes
  • Thunderstorms
  • Drought
  • Tsunamis

Question 2 Photo

What was the most famous leader of Macedonia, who became the true first major conqueror, whose empire stretched from India, to Persia, Egypt and Greece?

  • Antigonus II Gonatas
  • Phillip V
  • Cassander
  • Alexander III the Great

Question 3 Photo

The Millennium ''what'', is a 66 metre high structure, located on top of the Vodno Mountain, being the highest structure of its type in the World?

  • Clock Tower
  • Lookout Tower
  • Lighthouse
  • Holy Cross

Question 4 Photo

The country's name derives from the Ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedonia, what is the original meaning of the word ''Macedonian''?

  • Highlanders
  • Fishermen
  • Dukes
  • Elves

Question 5 Photo

Since becoming an independent nation in 1991, Macedonia had two flags, both featuring the Sun on a red background, what was the name of the Sun on the original flag, to which Greece claimed copyright?

  • Pantheon Sun
  • Star of David Sun
  • Vertigo Sun
  • Drake Sun

Question 6 Photo

The official name of the Republic of Macedonia in the United Nations is FYROM, which is an abbreviation for ''what'', this is due to long disputes between Greece over Ancient Macedonia?

  • Former Yemeni Republic of Macedonia
  • Former Yibreti Republic of Macedonia
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Former Yartolysk Republic of Macedonia

Question 7 Photo

Which famous nun was born in 1910, in Skopje, Macedonia, having Albanian ethnicity?

  • Katharine Drexel
  • Mother Theresa
  • Dolores Hart
  • Cristina Scuccia

Question 8 Photo

The Cyrillic Alphabet, used by Macedonia and various countries like Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, was developed in the 9th century by two Macedonian brothers, St Cyril and who else?

  • St Methodius
  • St Boniface
  • St Erbin
  • St Rictrude

Question 9 Photo

Which of these facts are true of Macedonia?

  • It conducts military operations in Greece.
  • It has an active embargo over Greece.
  • It is the richest Balkan country.
  • It has the most mountain peaks in the World.

Question 10 Photo

Which lake in Macedonia, sharing its borders with Albania, is the oldest and one of the deepest lakes in Europe, also a World Heritage UNESCO Site?

  • Lake Ohrid
  • Doiran Lake
  • Berovo Lake
  • Lake Prespa