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The Brzeg Quiz

TheQuiz has made a quiz about his hometown of Brzeg, and its County (Powiat), including Lewin Brzeski and Grodkow. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

The town of Brzeg is located in which country in Europe?

  • Poland
  • France
  • Croatia
  • Denmark

Question 2 Photo

The town of Brzeg is located on the Brzeg Plain, on the banks of which important river, feeding the Baltic Sea?

  • Warta
  • Bug
  • Odra
  • Vistula

Question 3 Photo

When you translate ''Brzeg'', from Polish to English, what does this mean?

  • Green Plain
  • Edge, River Banks
  • High Town
  • Wooden Conclave

Question 4 Photo

Throughout the centuries, until the 17th century, which monarch family ruled over the lands of the Duchy of Brzeg and the neighbouring Duchies?

  • Silesian Piasts
  • Jagiellonian
  • Premyslid
  • Wettin

Question 5 Photo

The town of Brzeg and the Brzeg Powiat (County), is located in which Voivodeship in Poland?

  • Wielkopolskie
  • Opolskie
  • Malopolska
  • Podkarpackie

Question 6 Photo

The Town Hall in Brzeg, is important for signing the Declaration of Marriage, and its beautiful royal ''Sala Stropowa'', with its ceiling made out of what?

  • Larch
  • Ash
  • Hemlock
  • Birch


What is the shape of Brzeg's Old Town, which was a key stop for traders from Wroclaw to Krakow, and Kalisz to the Czech Lands and Moravia?

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  • Pentagon
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Triangle

Question 8 Photo

In which Church in Brzeg would you find this grand ceiling painting, depicting the richness and beauty of Heaven?

  • Church of the Holy Cross
  • Church of St Nicholas
  • Church of the Compassion of Christ
  • Church of Luke the Evangelist

Question 9 Photo

To the West of Brzeg, lies the town of Olawa, with a population of 32 thousand, Brzeg having 39 thousand, which major city is to the West of Olawa?

  • Wroclaw
  • Jelcz Laskowice
  • Strzelin
  • Kluczbork

Question 10 Photo

What is found on the Coat of Arms of Brzeg, with the object being white on a red background?

  • Anchor
  • Sheep
  • Eagle
  • Wheel