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The Republic of Ireland Quiz

The Republic of Ireland, and its beautiful capital city Dublin signify an important part of the history of this part of Europe. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland, the city has a population of 526 thousand people, located in Leinster Province?

  • Dublin
  • Cork
  • Limerick
  • Galway

Question 2 Photo

Which of these famous breweries are not Irish?

  • Guinness
  • Budweiser
  • Smithwicks Kilkenny
  • Harp Lager

Question 3 Photo

The Irish consume on average 131.1 litres of beer, which is the second highest per capita consumption, after which country?

  • Denmark
  • Ukraine
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece

Question 4 Photo

Many Irish names begin with ''Mac'' or ''O'...'', what does this mean in Gaelic?

  • ''Son of...'' and ''Grandson of...''.
  • ''Great...'' and ''Folk...''.
  • ''Harper'' and ''Brewer...''.
  • ''The...'' and ''Of...''.

Question 5 Photo

How many times had the Republic of Ireland won the Eurovision Song Contest as of 2014?

  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight

Question 6 Photo

Due to Republic of Ireland being isolated, common species such as moles, weasels, pole cats, roe deer and what else are not seen on the island?

  • Hedgehogs
  • Foxes
  • Horses
  • Snakes

Question 7 Photo

The Neolithic site of Newgrange, from 3200 BC, is the best preserved passage grave in Europe as well as the oldest ''solar observatory'' in the World, in which Irish province is this located?

  • Kerry
  • Meath
  • Donegal
  • Waterford

Question 8 Photo

What is the official residence of the President of Ireland, located in Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland?

  • Aras an uachtarain
  • Castleknock
  • Farmleigh
  • St Anne's Park

Question 9 Photo

What is the name of the Republic of Ireland's oldest pub, the pub is located in Athlone, being established over 900 years ago?

  • The Truckies Bar
  • Sean's Bar
  • Woodenbridge Bar
  • The Ct Bar

Question 10 Photo

What percentage of Europe's computers are manufactured in the Republic of Ireland?

  • 25%
  • 37%
  • 56%
  • 98%