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The Swinoujscie Quiz

The quiz will include the history and sights of this beautiful seaside Polish city on the coast of the Baltic Sea. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

The coastal and port city of Swinoujscie is located in which country?

  • Poland
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Estonia

Question 2 Photo

Swinoujscie is located on the coast of which sea, the city and seaside resort is the most visited seaside resort in the region?

  • Kattegat
  • Skagerrak
  • Baltic Sea
  • North Sea

Question 3 Photo

The city of Swinoujscie is located on two islands, one of them is Wolin, what is the other island where the majority of the city is located?

  • Uznam
  • Bornholm
  • Gotland
  • Heligoland

Question 4 Photo

What body of water is located to the South of Swinoujscie and the islands of Wolin, Uznam and Karsibor?

  • Szczecin Lagoon
  • Bay of Gdansk
  • Puck Bay
  • Cicha Lagoon

Question 5 Photo

The city's name ''Swinousjcie'' has what meaning when translated from Polish to English?

  • Baltic Levee
  • Land's End
  • Swine Confluence
  • Mighty Sword

Question 6 Photo

The city and its surrounding islands had been invaded many times by foreign countries before the 18th century, which of these had invaded the region the most?

  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Norway

Question 7 Photo

What is the name of the 19th century navigation beacon found on the breakwater of Swinoujscie?

  • Piaszczysty Kamien
  • Biala Wieza
  • Kazimierza Latarnia
  • Stawa Mlyn

Question 8 Photo

The closest settlement to the West of Swinoujscie is Ahlbeck, which is in which other country?

  • Germany
  • Lithuania
  • Sweden
  • Denmark

Question 9 Photo

To get to the other side of the city, through the Swina River, tourists and inhabitants have to cross on a ferry, what is the length of the river channel?

  • 180 Metres
  • 360 Metres
  • 540 Metres
  • 888 Metres

Question 10 Photo

The length of Swinoujscie's sandy beach is 3.8 kilometres, what is the name of the colourful and common beach chairs?

  • Wicker
  • Emperor
  • Braumer
  • Ronne