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Cherry's Quizzes: Fridays (No.1)

From November store stampedes to a King whose unluckiest days were always on Fridays this is a quiz solely based on the day of... Friday! 15 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Black Friday comes after which important American holiday?

  • Fourth of July
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Valentine's Day

Question 2 Photo

Which one of these events did NOT happen on a Friday?

  • Death of Tupac Shakur
  • Birth of Margaret Thatcher
  • Sinking of Titanic
  • Birth of Fidel Castro

Question 3 Photo

Friday 13th is well-known for being what type of day?

  • An unlucky day
  • A happy day
  • The day were Christmas officially ends
  • A lucky day

Question 4 Photo

Which famous singer sang the song 'Friday'?

  • Nicki Minaj
  • Meghan Trainor
  • Taylor Swift
  • Rebecca Black

Question 5 Photo

Which one of these historical figures died on Friday 13th?

  • George Washington
  • Sir Henry Segrave
  • Winston Churchill
  • Mary Seacole

Question 6 Photo

According to religion, what day of the week is Friday?

  • The 5th
  • The 6th
  • The 7th
  • The 8th

Question 7 Photo

Which one of these bands performed the song 'Friday- I'm in love'?

  • The Clash
  • Blur
  • The Cure
  • One Direction

Question 8 Photo

'Friday' comes from the Latin word 'Veneris Dies', but what does it mean?

  • Day of death
  • Day of commitment
  • Day of Venus
  • Day of God


Match the famous event with the date it all began (on a Friday)?

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • Athens Olympics
  • First 'Hollywood sign' unveiled
  • The Costa Concordia disaster
  • Buckingham Palace bombing


  • Friday, January 13th, 2012
  • Friday, July 13th, 1923
  • Friday, August 13th, 2004
  • Friday, September 13th, 1940

Question 10 Photo

One of these countries has a one-day weekend, which is a Friday. But which one is it?

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Iraq
  • Pakistan
  • Iran

Question 11 Photo

Which solo pop artist sang the song, 'Last Friday Night'?

  • Lorde
  • Katy Perry
  • Lady Gaga
  • Ariana Grande

Question 12 Photo

Which one of these Black Friday statements is NOT true?

  • Apparel is Black Friday's most popular buy
  • It was named more than a century ago
  • Black Friday has caused no deaths to date
  • In America, a average shopper spends $365

Question 13 Photo

Who sang 'Thank God It's Friday'?

Type in the correct answer

Question 14 Photo

Based on religion, what event occurred on 'Good Friday'?

  • Crucifixion of Jesus
  • Baptism of Jesus
  • Jesus rises from the dead
  • Jesus splits the red sea

Question 15 Photo

The 'Good Friday Agreement' is an event associated with which European country?

  • England
  • Northern Ireland
  • Slovakia
  • Republic of Ireland