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Lead Belly - The Musician

The Great American Folk Musician Leadbelly! 10 Questions.

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What was Lead Belly's Birth Name?

  • William Huddie Ladbetter
  • Huddie William Ledbetter
  • William Ledbetter


What was Lead Belly's Date of Birth?

  • January 1888
  • Febraury 1898
  • March 1980


Known as "The King of the 12 String Guitar" Lead Belly also played a number of other instuments, what were they?

  • Piano and Accordian
  • Violin and Concertina
  • Piano, Concertina, Mandolin, Violin and Accordian


What was the first instument that Lead Belly played?

  • 12 String Guitar
  • Violin
  • Accordian


What name did Lead Belly give his 12 string guitar which he help to popularise?

  • Sally
  • Stella
  • Stan


Lead Belly did three long stretches in prison before he was discovered, but what were the crimes that he committed?

  • Tax Evasion and Gun Running
  • Murder
  • Assault, Carrying a Pistol , Shooting a Relative and Stabbing a Man


Who discovered and then managed and promoted Lead Belly once he came out of prison?

  • John and Alan Lomax
  • Simon Cowell
  • Colonel Tom Parker


While traveling with John Lomax, Lead Belly often had to perform menial tasks for him,what were they?

  • Making The Tea
  • Shining shoes and doing laundry
  • Dustying and Tidying


One of Lead Belly's most famous songs became a number 1 hit for Bob Seeger's band,The Weavers,what was it called?

  • Goodnight Irene
  • Goodnight Josepheine
  • Goodnight Stella


How and when did Lead Belly die?

  • December 6th 1949 and died of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)
  • January 6th 1944 and died of a Heart Attack
  • March 1945 and died of Cancer