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The Highway Code

What can you remember of The Highway Code that applies in England, Scotland and Wales? 10 Questions.

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When should pedestrians walk on the right-hand side of the road?

  • Usually where there is no pavement or footpath
  • On an organised march
  • At sharp right-hand bends


Learner drivers must be supervised by someone at least what age who has held a licence for at least how long?

  • 18 and 1 year
  • 20 and 2 years
  • 21 and 3 years


Drivers must be able to read a (new-style) vehicle number plate from what distance?

  • 18 metres
  • 19 metres
  • 20 metres


What are you NOT allowed to do if you are learning to ride a motorcycle?

  • Ride a solo motorcycle up to 125cc after basic training
  • Carry a pillion passenger or pull a trailer
  • Use L-plates


Who is responsible for ensuring an adult passenger wears a seat belt?

  • The passenger
  • The driver
  • The vehicle's owner


What is the correct order for checking your mirrors and other actions when changing speed or direction in your vehicle?

  • Mirrors - Signal - Manoeuvre
  • Signal - Mirrors - Manoeuvre
  • Signal - Manoeuvre - Mirrors


The presence of street lights usually indicates what speed limit unless there are signs stating otherwise?

  • 20 mph
  • 30 mph
  • 40 mph


At 40 miles per hour what is the typical overall stopping distance on a dry road, with good brakes and an alert driver?

  • 23 metres or about 6 car lengths
  • 36 metres or about 9 car lengths
  • 53 metres or 13 car lengths


Assuming there is no danger from other road users, when are you allowed to use your car horn?

  • When your vehicle is stationary
  • Between 11.30 pm and 7.00 am in a built-up area
  • When your vehicle is moving and you need to warn another road user of your presence


Warning signs usually contain information within what shape?

  • A red triangle
  • A blue circle
  • A red circle