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Witches of East End Quiz

This quiz is based on "Witches" 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In "Witches" of East End how many children does Joanna Beauchamp have?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Question 2 Photo

In "Witches" of East End what animal can Wendy turn into?

  • Crow
  • Rat
  • Bat
  • Cat

Question 3 Photo

In "Witches" of East End after Ingrid brings Wendy back to life who has to die to pay the price?

  • Dash
  • Frederick
  • Adam
  • Victor

Question 4 Photo

What magical realm do the "witches" come from?

  • Fantasy Land
  • Storybrooke
  • Asguard
  • Ravenswood

Question 5 Photo

In "Witches" of East End what is Dash and Killian's spell book called?

  • The book of shadows
  • the book of spells
  • The book of witchcraft
  • The grimoire

Question 6 Photo

In "Witches" of East End why does Freya's ex boyfriend want to kill her?

  • She murdered his family
  • She had an affair with his brother
  • She trapped him in a desert painting for 80 years
  • She trapped him in a vase and threw it in the sea

Question 7 Photo

In "Witches" of East End why did Eva put a love spell on Killian and marry him?

  • She loved him since childhood but he never loved her back
  • She needed a child with him before her previous child died
  • To teach Freya not to mess with her
  • For revenge

Question 8 Photo

In "Witches of East End who is the shifter?

  • Penelope
  • Eva
  • Raven
  • Lisa

Question 9 Photo

In "Witches" of East End why does the shifter want to kill Joanna Beauchamp?

  • Joanna buried her mother alive
  • Joanna killed her father Archibald Browning
  • Joanna kidnapped her sons
  • Joanna framed her for murder

Question 10 Photo

In "Witches" of East End in the season 2 finale episode what does Dash do to Killian?

  • He switches bodies with him
  • He makes him disappear
  • He kills him
  • He disowns him