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Not An Ordinary Quiz On Superstitions !

Some superstitions have multiple origins; others have lost theirs over time. I've listed some updated facts about the subjects of the old sayings . 10 Questions.

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Any of these answers would probably be correct in the modern world, but according to the old superstitious rhyme "What will keep the doctor away"?

  • Vitamins early in the day
  • An apple a day
  • No insurance surely may


According to an old wives' tale, what should you do while passing by a cemetery?

  • Put your thumb on your forehead and yell "Beaver!"
  • Pray for all the lost souls
  • Hold your breath


It is unlucky to wear opals, unless you were born in this month.

  • April
  • February
  • October


According to an old wives' tale, what will happen if you step on a crack on a sidewalk or walkway?

  • You'll find a money pack.
  • You'll break your mother's back.
  • You'll cry on the way back.


Which one of these will NOT make your wish come true?

  • Wish while blowing all the candles out on your birthday cake in one breath
  • Wish while throwing a coin into a well or fountain
  • Wish while knocking on wood


According to other old wives' tales, which of these animals is NOT considered to be good luck if it enters your home?

  • a crow
  • a frog
  • a cricket


It is considered unlucky for this animal to cross your path if you are in the United States, but lucky if it crosses your path in Britain. What is it?

  • Black cat
  • Black rat
  • Red dog


If you ever want to see a friend again, never say goodbye to them how?

  • when a bat flies overhead
  • while on a bridge
  • during an eclipse


You better throw it over your shoulder if you happen to spill any!

  • Rosemary
  • Salt
  • Sugar


Two of these are actual superstitions about brooms, but one isn't. Which one is NOT a superstition about brooms.

  • If someone is sweeping the floor and sweeps over your feet, you'll never get married.
  • Never take a broom when you move or you'll take the bad luck from your previous home with you.
  • If you drop a broom, hold your nose and jump over it three times or you'll be poor.