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First Aid Quiz

Do you have the skills to help someone? 10 Questions.

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When should you use CPR?

  • When a person is unconscious but breathing
  • When a person is unconscious and has no heartbeat
  • When a person is unconscious and not breathing


If you are the first person on the scene at a car accident what should you do first?

  • Assess the scene to see if it is safe
  • Go and see if anyone is injured
  • Check for leaking petrol


How can you tell if a person is having a heart attack?

  • Chest pain that can be relieved by rest
  • Slurred speech and numbness
  • Persistent chest pain


Which of the following is not a sign of hypothermia?

  • Shivering
  • Frostbite
  • Lack of coordination


What is the best way to treat a 1st or 2nd degree burn?

  • Apply moisturizers to the skin to re-hydrate the burn
  • Cool the skin completely with cool water
  • Cool the skin with ice


How do you know if a cut requires stitches?

  • It is deep enough to see bone
  • It is at least 1 cm (1/2 inch) long
  • It is at least 2 cm (1 inch) deep


In the ABC rule of first aid, what does the B stand for?

  • Bleeding
  • Beating
  • Breathing


What is the main purpose of raising the legs of a casualty in shock?

  • To increase the blood supply to the brain
  • To aid breathing
  • To prevent nausea


Which organ is mostly affected by a stroke?

  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Brain


Which casualty should you treat first?

  • Man with cut wrists, shouting for help
  • Woman lying quietly on her back with no apparent injuries
  • Small child screaming, with broken leg