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The White Queen Quiz

Me and My Big Sister LOVED the drama when it was on the BBC last year and we want more people to know about the drama! So we made this Quiz 8 Questions.

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Who wrote the book "The White Queen" that the drama is based on?

  • Alison Weir
  • Philippa Gregory
  • Sarah Waters
  • Antonia Fraser

Question 2 Photo

Who played "The White Queen" ?

  • Amanda Hale
  • Faye Marsay
  • Rebecca Ferguson
  • Eleanor Tomlinson

Question 3 Photo

Who was "The White Queen" ?

  • Elizabeth Woodville
  • Jacquetta Of Luxembourg
  • Elizabeth I
  • Margaret Beaufort

Question 4 Photo

In "The White Queen" Which King of England was she married to?

  • She was never married
  • Henry VI
  • Edward IV
  • Henry VII

Question 5 Photo

The Drama "The White Queen" was a mixture of 3 books: what were the names of the other 2 books?

  • Red Queen and The Bookie's Daughter
  • The Kingmaker's daughter and The Lady of The Rivers
  • Red Queen and Kingmaker's Daughter
  • The Lady Of Rivers and Anne Neville

Question 6 Photo

In "The White Queen" There are 5 kings of England over the course of the drama but which of these IS NOT mentioned?

  • Richard III
  • Henry VI
  • Henry VIII
  • Edward IV

Question 7 Photo

In "The White Queen" a character is affectionately called The Kingmaker's daughter Who is she?

  • Isabelle Neville
  • Cecily Neville
  • Anne Neville
  • Elizabeth Neville

Question 8 Photo

In "The White Queen" another character is affectionately called The Red Queen who is she?

  • Elizabeth Of York
  • Lady Margaret Beaufort
  • Cecily Neville
  • Anne Neville