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Basic Car Parts Quiz.

Here are eight engine parts that are found in most cars and internal combustion engines. 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

This engine car part blends air and fuel for the engine and is normally mounted on top of a combustion engine, what is it?

  • The Resonator
  • The Carburator
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • The Throttle Body

Question 2 Photo

This engine part is an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic motor for the rotation of an engine, what is it?

  • The Starter Motor
  • The Shift Knob
  • The Intake Manifold
  • The Muffler

Question 3 Photo

This car engine part is responsible for the conversion between the reciprocating motion and rotational motion in a reciprocating engine, what is it?

  • The Shock Absorbers
  • The Axle Shaft
  • The Crankshaft
  • The Sump

Question 4 Photo

This car engine part is basically the oil pan of the car it is a reservoir, what is it?

  • The Water Pump
  • The Brake Drum
  • The Flywheel
  • The Sump

Question 5 Photo

This car engine part is the central working part of a reciprocating engine or pump, what is it?

  • The Cylinder/s
  • The ABS System
  • The Valve Spring
  • The Fan Belt

Question 6 Photo

This car engine part is a rotating mechanical part to store rotational energy, what is it?

  • The Flywheel
  • The Brake Shoe/s
  • The Water Pump
  • The Muffler

Question 7 Photo

This car engine part works with the pistons, it is used to operate poppet valves it consists of a cylinder rod, what is it?

  • The Connecting Rod
  • The Exhaust Gasket
  • The Camshaft
  • The Fan Clutch

Question 8 Photo

This engine car part charges the battery to power the electrical system when the car is running, what is it?

  • The Alternator
  • The Shock Absorber/s
  • The Spacer Ring
  • The Intake Manifold