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Carry On Quizzing 08

"Carry On" were a classic film series of mayhem and innuendo. How many memories do they conjure for you? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which "Carry On" film portrays a madcap scene with laughing gas intoxicated patients in an operating theatre?

  • Carry On Nurse
  • Carry On Doctor
  • Carry On Matron
  • Carry On Again Doctor

Question 2 Photo

Who was the joint presenter of the 1977 compilation film "That's Carry On", with Kenneth Williams?

  • Joan Sims
  • Barbara Windsor
  • Valerie Leon
  • Patsy Rowlands

Question 3 Photo

In the 1963 film "Carry On Cabby", from where has Charlie Hawkins (Sid James), sourced many of his drivers?

  • Ex-prison mates
  • Postcard in local shop
  • Ex-army pals
  • School leavers

Question 4 Photo

Who plays the police sergeant investigating the disappearance of women in the 1966 film "Carry On Screaming!"?

  • Jim Dale
  • Harry H. Corbett
  • Peter Butterworth
  • Bernard Bresslaw

Question 5 Photo

Which of the following is not one of the "Carry On" films?

  • Carry On Darling
  • Carry On Jack
  • Carry On Emmannuelle
  • Carry On Loving

Question 6 Photo

In the 1969 film "Carry On Camping", what arrives in the next field that results in chaos?

  • Building developers
  • A travelling fair
  • A party of nuns
  • A group of hippies

Question 7 Photo

In the 1971 film "Carry On At Your Convenience", which character, played by Bernard Bresslaw, tries to woo Sid Plummer's daughter, Myrtle (Jacki Piper)?

  • Charles Coote
  • Bernie Hulke
  • Fred Moore
  • WC Boggs

Question 8 Photo

How many Television series are included within the "Carry On" franchise?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Question 9 Photo

In the 1975 film "Carry On Behind", after a mix up on the phone by Major Leafe (Kenneth Connor), what turns up at the camp as the cabaret?

  • A flea circus
  • A one-man band
  • A stripper
  • A one-armed juggler

Question 10 Photo

Which 1957 film carries the "Carry On" title, but has no connection with the franchise, even though it starred Joan Sims?

  • Carry On Digging
  • Carry On Darling
  • Carry On USA
  • Carry On Admiral