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Jason Statham Quiz

10 questions about Jason Statham's movies, good clues to help. 9 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What role does Jason Statham play in the opening scene of "Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels? Clue: Chatter Box

  • A Buyer
  • A Lookout
  • A Driver
  • A Talker

Question 2 Photo

In the Jason Statham move "Snatch", how did "Turkish" get his name?

  • Came From A Family Of Turkish Farmers
  • Named After The "Baths"
  • Father Came From Istanbul
  • A Plane Crash That Killed His Parents

Question 3 Photo

In the Jason Statham movie "Transporter", how do a group of men break the rules in the car?

  • They Mention Names
  • Do Not Fasten Seatbelts
  • They Bring Along An Extra Person
  • They Smoke In The Car

Question 4 Photo

What does handsome Rob (Jason Statham) say he is going to buy with his share of the money in the movie "The Italian Job"?

  • Buy A Villa In France
  • Buy AStereo
  • Buy A Race Horse
  • Buy An Astin Martin

Question 5 Photo

For how many years was Jake Green (Jason Statham), locked up in prison in the movie "Revolver), and how was it served? Clue: Alone

  • Fourteen Years Hard Labour
  • Two Years Of Civic Service
  • Seven Years Of Solitary Confinement
  • Five Years In An Open Prison

Question 6 Photo

What was given to Chev (Jason Statham) in the movie "Crank, to keep his adrenaline up?

  • Coffee
  • Energy Drink
  • Food
  • Beijing Cocktail

Question 7 Photo

What is the name of the business that is in between the Bank and the building, that Terry Leather (Jason Statham) and partners dig under in the movie "The Bank Job"?

  • The Grazing Goat
  • Sherlock's Bar And Grill
  • Chicken Inn
  • McDonalds

Question 8 Photo

What relation is Jasper (Jason Statham) to his player in the movie "13"? Clue: George Clooney Prison Movie

  • Father
  • Cousin
  • Brother
  • Uncle

Question 9 Photo

In the Jason Statham movie "Safe", what special gift does the young Chinese girl have that he rescues from the bad guys?

  • Predicts The Future
  • Moves Objects With Her Mind
  • Photographic Memory for Numbers
  • Can Levitate