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The Hundred Years War Quiz

A quick quiz on the Hundred Years War... How much do you know about English history? 15 Questions.

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When did the Hundred Years War take place?

  • 1302-1402
  • 1329-1434
  • 1337-1453
  • 1341-1462


Which English king started the Hundred Years War?

  • Edward II
  • Edward III
  • Henry IV
  • Richard II


During the Hundred Years War, which of these battles came first?

  • The Battle of Agincourt
  • The Battle of Sluys
  • The Battle of Crecy
  • The Battle of Poitiers


The Hundred Years War was split into 3 phases known as what?

  • Parisian, Plantagenet, Breton
  • Plantagenet, Lancastrian, Parisian
  • Edwardian, Breton, Caroline
  • Edwardian, Caroline, Lancastrian


Which English king was murdered during the Hundred Years War, and by whom?

  • Henry IV, by Henry V
  • Richard III, by Henry VII
  • Richard II, by Henry IV
  • Edward III, by the Black Prince


Which of the following did NOT play a part in the Hundred Years War?

  • Flanders
  • France
  • Castile
  • Sweden


Henry V, one of the most famous kings of the Hundred Years War, met the same grizzly end as which other English king?

  • Richard III - killed in battle
  • Henry VIII - died of tuberculosis
  • Edward II - murdered
  • John - dysentery


The kings of France from 1328-1422, (during the Hundred Years War) were who?

  • Philip VI, John II, Charles V, Charles VI
  • Charles IV, Charles V, Charles VI, John III
  • Philip V, Charles VI, John II, Philip VI
  • Charles V, Philip IV, John III, Philip V


Which of the following tactics was used in the Hundred Years War?

  • Fire Attacks
  • Armoured Warfare
  • Protection Rackets
  • Parthian Shot


Where did the majority of the fighting take place during the Hundred Years War?

  • In England
  • In France
  • In Scotland
  • In Spain


Which of the following was the most effective weapon of the Hundred Years War?

  • The sword
  • The crossbow
  • The cannon
  • The longbow


Which of these treaties was NOT signed during the Hundred Years War?

  • The Treaty of Crecy
  • The Treaty of Troyes
  • The Treaty of Bretigny
  • The Treaty of Bruges


What was the 'nickname' given to Charles V, who was King of France during the Hundred Years War?

  • The Good
  • The Wise
  • The Mad
  • The Fortunate


The Black Prince was one of the key military leaders of the Hundred Years war... but what was his real name?

  • John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster
  • Edward Woodstock, Duke of Cornwall
  • Henry Bollingbroke, future Henry IV
  • Sir Henry 'Hotspur' Percy


The Hundred Years War led to political instability in England. Which war started just 2 years after the Hundred Years War ended, and was a direct result of the Hundred Years War?

  • The English Civil Wars
  • The 30 Years War
  • The Wars of the Roses
  • The War of the Two Peters