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10 Questions, last one is the link, so remember the correct answers (It might not be the whole of the answer) 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What was the name of the UK teen magazine that was first published in 1964 and closed in 1993?

  • Bunty
  • Buster
  • Jackie
  • Jilly

Question 2 Photo

Who was the US businesswoman, writer, & television personality found guilty of charges of conspiracy, & making false statements to the FBI & sentenced in July 2004 to serve a 5 month prison term?

  • Mary Tyler Moore
  • Lucille Ball
  • Ivana Trump
  • Martha Stewart

Question 3 Photo

Which actress was Oscar nominated for Best Actress in 'The Fabulous Baker Boys' and starred as 'Catwoman' in 'Batman Returns'?

  • Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Michelle Keegan
  • Michelle Williams
  • Michelle Rodriguez

Question 4 Photo

What 5 letter name can be; a city in north-eastern France, an effeminate or homosexual male and the daughter of Frank Sinatra? (no capitals)

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Question 5 Photo

Lindisfarne had a hit in the 1970s about what 'Lady'?

  • Lady D'arbanville
  • Lady Madonna
  • Lady Eleanor
  • Lady Diana

Question 6 Photo

What is 'Barbie's' real name?

  • Brenda Diane Richards
  • Barbara Millicent Roberts
  • Barbra Ann Wilson
  • Brianna Barbara Bryant

Question 7 Photo

In the nursery rhyme who was 'quite contrary'?

  • Barry
  • Martha
  • Maria
  • Mary

Question 8 Photo

What was the title of the Ricky Vallance song that reached No1 in the UK in September 1960?

  • Tell Laura I Love Her
  • Just Walkin' in the Rain
  • Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
  • Maggie May

Question 9 Photo

Who is this actress?

  • Patricia Hodge
  • Patricia Routledge
  • Samantha Bond
  • Diana Dors

Question 10 Photo

So what is the link?

  • Women's names in Beatles songs
  • UK Prime ministers wives names
  • US Presidents wives names
  • Best actress Oscar winners names since 2002