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Last Words of the Rich and Famous 2

Another chance to find out the parting words of a few people on their way to the pearly gates. 12 Questions.

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"Curtain, fast music, light, ready for the last finale. Great! The show looks good," were the words of which great showman in 1932?

  • Florenz Ziegfeld
  • Busby Berkely
  • Stephen Sondheim


Which famous French aristocrat spoke these last words on her way to the guillotine. "Farewell my children, forever, I go to your father" in 1793?

  • Madame de Pompadour
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Madam du Barry


Which pioneer in the film industry wrote these words in a suicide note in 1932? "To my friends, my work is done, why wait?"

  • George Eastman
  • Thomas Edison
  • Alexander Graham Bell


Which famous polar explorer spoke these famous and much quoted lines? "I'm just going out, I may be some time."

  • Ernest Shackleton
  • Fridijof Nansen
  • Capt Oats


Which actor said, "Die my dear, why, that's the last thing I'll do!"

  • Harpo Marx
  • Groucho Mark
  • Zeppo Marx


"Hurrah, boys. Let's get the last few reds then head on back to camp!" were the misguided words of which over-confident Indian hunter?

  • General Armstrong Custer
  • Ulysses Grant
  • Stonewall Jackson


Which very excentric artist asked "Where is my clock?" an item that featured heavily in his artwork - almost a trademark.

  • Heironymus Bosch
  • Joan Miro
  • Salvador Dali


Marilyn Monroe married 3 times, but which of her husbands said on his deathbed, "I'll finally get to see Marilyn."

  • Joe di Maggio
  • Jimmy Dougherty
  • Arthur Miller


Which intrepid traveller to the east said "I have not told you half of what I saw."

  • Paulo de Gama
  • Marco Polo
  • Pedro Escobar


James W Rodgers facing the firing squad was asked if he had any last requests to which he said, yes, what item did he ask for?

  • Bullet proof vest
  • A reprieve
  • A bus ticket out of there


Which tortured artist commited suicide and left a note saying, "The sadness will last forever."

  • Paul Gaugin
  • Vincent Van Gough
  • Paul Cezanne


Whose tombstone bears the epitath, "That's all folks!"

  • Alan Reed
  • Jim Backus
  • Mel Blanc