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Terry Pratchett's Discworld Quiz

If you love the books of Terry Pratchett like I do then I hope you will enjoy this quiz about all the characters. Not too hard for a real fan! 12 Questions.

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In the opening of "Pyramids" Teppic was studying for his finals in which Guild of the City of Ankh Morpork?

  • The Fools Guild
  • The Guild of Assassins
  • The Guild of Thieves


Lady Sybil Ramkin who ran the Sanctury for sick dragons married which member of the Watch, in Ankh Morpork?

  • Corporal Carrot
  • Corporal Nobbs
  • Sam Vimes


The bridge that spans the River Ankh is decorated with which animal?

  • Elephants
  • Hippos
  • Lions


Corporal Carrot a member of the watch in Ankh Morpork lodges with which lady?

  • Mrs Cake
  • Mrs Sweet
  • Mrs Biscuit


In the book, "Moving Pictures" the epic movie that they created was called what?

  • Blown Away
  • The Gales of Time
  • The Winds of Change


Moist Von Lipwig was put in charge of sorting out which institution in Ankh Morpork after his great success at the Post Office?

  • The School
  • The Bank
  • The Tax Office


Sam Vimes, leader of the Watch in Ankh Morpork, had to be home at 6pm sharp every evening to do what?

  • Eat a meal with Sybil
  • Help to feed the dragons
  • Read a story to his little boy


Nanny Ogg had a very strange cat with the name of ...what?

  • Greebo
  • Gancey
  • Garlic


Death had a granddaughter who was a school teacher, what was her first name?

  • Louise
  • Susan
  • Millie


The librarian is an orangutang who gets very upset with anyone who calls him a ...?

  • Primate
  • Ape
  • Monkey


Angua. a member of the watch in Ankh Morpork and a girl friend of Carrot, is a .....?

  • Golem
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf


The chief of the Gods in Ankh Morpork is known as ...?

  • Blind Io
  • Blind To
  • Blind Bo