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Name The Celebrity Quiz

Name the celebrity in the picture with little clues to help 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

"Name The Celebrity" he loves a good fight with his opponents, who is he?

  • 'Imir Khan'
  • 'Lennox Lewis'
  • 'Mike Tyson'
  • 'Slugger Davis'

Question 2 Photo

"Name The Celebrity" he loves to put on Iron suits, and save the world, who is he?

  • 'Rob Lowe'
  • 'Sean Penn'
  • 'Robert Downey Jnr'
  • 'Keanue Reeves'

Question 3 Photo

"Name The Celebrity" he loves Fava Beans and a good Chianti, and he likes good friends for dinner ,who is he?

  • 'Anthony Hopkins'
  • 'Anthony Head'
  • 'Anthony Edwards'
  • 'Anthony Perkins'

Question 4 Photo

"Name The Celebrity" she loves cats, and loves to dress in a black catsuit, who is she?

  • 'Halle Berry'
  • 'Angela Bassett'
  • 'Whoopi Goldberg'
  • 'Tina Turner'

Question 5 Photo

"Name The Celebrity" she loves a good carry on, who is she?

  • 'Barbara Windsor'
  • 'Joan Simms'
  • 'Hattie Jacques'
  • 'Sylvia Simms'

Question 6 Photo

"Name The Celebrity" in her early career she was known as the Divine Miss M, who is she?

  • 'Shelley Long'
  • 'Bette Midler'
  • 'Cher'
  • 'Cher Lloyd'

Question 7 Photo

"Name The Celebrity" he loves it behind a bar, and solving murders, who his he?

  • 'Woody Harleson'
  • 'Ted Danson'
  • 'Robert Englund'
  • 'Freddy Kruger'

Question 8 Photo

"Name The Celebrity" he loves to walk along the Highway and help people, who is he?

  • 'Michael Landon'
  • 'Victor French'
  • 'Robert Wagner'
  • 'Al Pacino'

Question 9 Photo

"Name The Celebrity" he got bitten by a Zombie and turned into one in the movie "Shaun of the Dead" who is he?

  • 'Bill Gates'
  • 'Bill Wyman'
  • 'Bill Nighy'
  • 'Bill and Ben'

Question 10 Photo

"Name The celebrity" she loves a gun, and Pilots and appeared in a movie with Tom Cruise, who is she?

  • 'Goldie Hawn'
  • 'Anjalina Jolie'
  • KellyMcGillis'
  • 'Cameron Diaz'