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The Top Facts About Poland Quiz

Ask any tourist about Poland and you'll probably hear about beautiful cities, vodka and Pope John Paul II so learn something new! 16 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Nearly how much percent, of the 60 million Poles live outside of Poland, many of these Polish speaking communities can be found in US, UK, Brazil, Germany and Netherlands?

  • 35%
  • 50%
  • 65%
  • 80%

Question 2 Photo

The name ''Poland'' originates from the name for the tribe ''Polanie'' which means what?

  • People living in open fields
  • People of the Baltic Sea
  • People of the inner mountains
  • People of the Holy Cross Mountains

Question 3 Photo

Poland has been invaded or fought for freedom in insurrections how many times from 1600 to 1945?

  • 14
  • 27
  • 28
  • 43

Question 4 Photo

The highest mountain in Australia, was named after Polish explorer Paul Edmund Strzeleck, who named the mountain what name?

  • Mount Kosciuszko
  • Mount Chopin
  • Mount Copernicus
  • Mount Walesa

Question 5 Photo

In Poland, floor ''what'' is regarded floor 1, so when you press ''1'' you want to go to the second floor in the elevator?

  • -8
  • -1
  • 0
  • 3

Question 6 Photo

The famous Polish and English novelist Joseph Conrad's real name is Teodor Jozef Konrad Nalecz Korzeniowski, he was born in Poland, but where in England did he die?

  • Bishopsbourne
  • Hornsea
  • Kendal
  • Yeovil

Question 7 Photo

Poland adapted the first ''what'' of its kind in Europe, and second in the World after the United States, on 3rd May 1791, it was referred as ''the last will and testament of the expiring Country'' ?

  • Constitution
  • President
  • Border
  • Ransom

Question 8 Photo

Polish drink some 92 litres of ''what'' a year, and according to the oldest document ''The Polish Chronicle, it was already drunk in the times of the Polish King Boleslaw I the Great (992-1025)?

  • Beer
  • Gin
  • Vodka
  • Cider

Question 9 Photo

Poland boasts seventeen Nobel Prizes, including four Peace Prizes, and five in what?

  • Medicine
  • Chemistry
  • Literature
  • Physics

Question 10 Photo

Which city in Poland was the headquarters and the place of coronation of Polish Kings and the nation's capital from 1038 until it moved to Warsaw in 1596?

  • Krakow
  • Lublin
  • Poznan
  • Wroclaw

Question 11 Photo

Poland has the largest reserves of what, the country's reserves are estimated at 45.4 billion tons, enough to meet the country's demand for the next 500 years?

  • Chalk
  • Coal
  • Oil
  • Bronze

Question 12 Photo

Many language experts and linguistic experts believe that for English speakers, learning Polish is harder than learning what language, this is due to a complex gender system and orthography?

  • Mandarin
  • German
  • Icelandic
  • Punjabi

Question 13 Photo

Polish citizens saved the largest amounts of Jews in the German Nazi Holocaust, an estimated 450,000 Jews were saved from certain death, after the war which country rewarded 6,135 Poles Righteous?

  • Portugal
  • Israel
  • Germany
  • Russia

Question 14 Photo

The Euro 2012 helped Poland raise its public profile, and marked its twentieth year of being what?

  • Central European Powerhouse
  • The Third Lion
  • Central European Tiget
  • The Mleko Industry

Question 15 Photo

Marzanna is an annual celebration in which people weave straw dolls and decorate them with ribbons, then they throw them in the river at the end of what, proclaiming the end of this?

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn

Question 16 Photo

What is the name for the Republic Of Poland in the Polish language?

  • Rzeczpospolita Polska
  • Republica Polonia
  • Rebubliv Polonaise
  • Reublika Polsku