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The Thirteen Years' War (1654-1667) Quiz

The Russo - Polish War, which marked Russia being a major power in Europe, while changing Poland's relations! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

The Thirteen Years War, (1654 to 1667) was between which two countries situated in the Eastern part of Europe?

  • Tsardom of Russia and the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Papal States and Venice
  • Crimean Khanate and the Tsardom of Russia
  • Great Britain and France

Question 2 Photo

The Thirteen Years War (1654 to 1667), was initially triggered after who's rebellion against the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth?

  • Platov Cossacks
  • Crimean Khanate
  • Zaporozhian Cossacks
  • Bogaewsky Cossacks

Question 3 Photo

After the Battle of Szklow (Shklov), fought between Russian and Polish troops, both sides believed they have been victorious as what happened during this battle?

  • The Russian Troops captured Smolensk while Polish Troops captured Moscow
  • The two sides agreed on a Peace Treaty
  • There was a Solar Eclipse
  • Both Generals have been killed

Question 4 Photo

The Russian advance into the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth led to which country invading Poland in 1655?

  • Kingdom Of Sweden
  • French Empire
  • Great Britain
  • Crimean Khanate

Question 5 Photo

In 1660, when Polish King John II Casimir concluded the Second Northern War against Sweden, he could concentrate all his forces on what front?

  • Northern Front
  • Eastern Front
  • Western Front
  • Southern Front

Question 6 Photo

As most of the Polish Troops were fighting against Russia, most battles were then won by Poland, these reverses forced the Russian Tsar to accept what treaty?

  • Treaty Of Jaffa
  • Treaty Of Kardis
  • Treaty Of Bergerac
  • Treaty Of Konigsberg

Question 7 Photo

Towards the end of 1663, the Polish King crossed which river, then he invaded the West of Ukraine, most cities surrendered without resistance, although the victory over Vitebsk costed a lot of time?

  • Moskva River
  • Dnieper River
  • Volga River
  • Danube River

Question 8 Photo

Peace negotiations dragged on from 1663 to 1667, when the Treaty Of Andrusovo ceded Eastern Ukraine and the fortress of Smolensk to which country, which called itself victorious?

  • Tsardom Of Russia
  • Kingdom Of Sweden
  • Duchy Of Courland
  • Crimean Khanate