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Fun 'Pub' Quiz

A quiz about pubs. 10 Questions.

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A music hall song urges a lady to come and have a drink or two in which Hampstead pub?

  • The Great Exhibition
  • The White Hart
  • The Old Bull & Bush


In the 1968 film Oliver!, what lively song does Nancy sing in the Three Cripples Tavern?

  • I'd Do Anything
  • Oom-Pah-Pah
  • Who Will Buy?


Which London theatre shares its name with a famous pub in a soap?

  • The Prince of Wales
  • The Old Vic
  • The New Vic


The Bag O'Nails pub name is supposedly derived from which term for drinking?

  • Buzzing
  • Boozing
  • Bacchanals


What is the most common pub name in the UK?

  • The Crown
  • The Royal Oak
  • The Cricketers' Arms


In the Middle Ages, the pub name Lamb and Flag was symbolic of what?

  • Butchers and Flag-Makers
  • Christ and the Crusaders' English flags
  • Shepherds and Sailors


The Man in the Moon pub, Nottingham, was named after which memorable event in 1969?

  • The Space Race
  • The 1st Moon Landing
  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall


The common pub name, The Royal Oak, supposedly derived from which historical event?

  • Charles II once hid from his pursuers in an oak
  • when Elizabeth I's oak grew golden acorns
  • Mad George III thought his oak was King


Which pub common pub name alludes to the personal emblem of King Richard II?

  • The White Hart
  • The Lion
  • The Dublin Castle


The Ten Bells is a pub on Commercial Street, East London. What killer is it associated with?

  • Sweeney Todd
  • Fred West
  • Jack the Ripper