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The Ukraine and Crimea Quiz

As we look at Crimea's history we begin to see that it really does have a majority Russian past (and Ottoman)! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

The historic former Crimean Khanate and parts of today's Eastern Ukraine were once all parts of which famous powerful empire?

  • Ottoman Empire
  • Umayyad Caliphate
  • Persian Empire
  • Han Dynasty

Question 2 Photo

Which Soviet leader once ceded Crimea to Ukraine?

  • Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Vladimir Lenin
  • Nikita Krushchev
  • Joseph Stalin

Question 3 Photo

Which event of the Crimean War was commemorated in the poetry of Alfred Lord Tennyson?

  • The surprise invasion of the Crimean Tatars
  • The pointless Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava
  • The brave last stand of the Crimean Cossacks
  • The vain naval support from the Papal States

Question 4 Photo

Which of these countries did not occupy the Crimean Peninsula, this region was one the most unstable regions in the whole of Europe?

  • Norwegian Empire
  • Ancient Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ottoman Empire

Question 5 Photo

Which sea almost entirely encircles the Crimean Peninsula to the South?

  • Baltic Sea
  • North Sea
  • Black Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea

Question 6 Photo

The Winter Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi (Russia) rest how many miles from the Crimean Peninsula?

  • 200 Miles
  • 400 Miles
  • 600 Miles
  • 800 Miles

Question 7 Photo

When today's Ukraine was part of Russia for many centuries, it was called the ''Breadbasket Of Russia'' because it produced most of ''what'' needed to feed the country?

  • Oat
  • Grain
  • Barley
  • Millet

Question 8 Photo

What was the first known capital city of Ukraine?

  • Kharkiv
  • Donetsk
  • Sevastopol
  • Lwow