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Whats The Missing Word? Quiz

I will give you some Lyrics of a song. You will have to give me the missing word. See? Simple and easy quiz. Hope you enjoy it! Some Cartoon Pics 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Firstly, One of Princes Best songs "Raspberry Beret". Give me the missing word to a bit of the song. "She _____ a Raspberry Beret, the kind you find in a second hand store"?

  • Wore
  • Owned
  • Had
  • Wanted

Question 2 Photo

Secondly: A song by "Abeline" - Clarity. Fill in the missing word of these Lyrics. "To try to believe, believe in something real. To try to see through, see past all of the _____?

  • Stars
  • Beleifs
  • Hope
  • Flaws

Question 3 Photo

You might know this: "Roar by Katy Perry!!! Fill in the missing lyrics: "You hear my voice, your hear that sound,Like _____, gonna shake the ground?

  • Thunder
  • Lighting
  • Sparks
  • Shoutin's

Question 4 Photo

Number 4: This time its "In My Dreams" by Dream - But whats the missin' part? I know cause I feel the same and its drivin' me ______,why do we have to play these games?

  • Crazy
  • Mad
  • Insane
  • Incredulous

Question 5 Photo

On to question 5: One of Taylor Swifts best hits "22". What is the missing word?: We're happy, free, confused,and lonely at the same time, It's ______ and magical.Oh, yeah

  • Miserable
  • Moving
  • Mornful
  • Muscular

Question 6 Photo

Sixth Question: ANOTHER one of Princes best, "Purple Rain". Whats the missing word from these lyrics? "I never meant to cause you any _____"?

  • Pain
  • Sorrow
  • Sadness
  • Purple Rain

Question 7 Photo

Penultimate: Run by Snow patrol!! Tell me the missing word in this sentence. "Louder louder, and we'll run for our lives,I can hardly _____ I understand"

  • Think
  • Answer
  • Suggest
  • Speak

Question 8 Photo

And Finally: "Boom Boom Pow" By black eyed peas. Please fill in the lyrics: "I got the_____ that beat the block.You can get that bass overload"

  • Hit
  • Whack
  • Slap
  • Smash