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A General Knowledge History Quiz

Packed with interesting information and difficult questions! Hope u like it! PS: VERY long questions 8 Questions.

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The Athens great rival was in a city-state set in mountain country in the far south of Greece. It had kings who ruled together with group of citizens. But what was the name of the Athens great rival?

  • Lurpha
  • Crinda
  • Tuvilla
  • Sparta


Europe's oldest human mummy died around 5300 years ago at the end of the stone age. His mummy was discovered by hikers in Northen Italy in 1991, but what was the name of the mummy?

  • Deadman
  • Iceman
  • Thelamus
  • Legastrus


When Harkhuff of Egypt went exploring more than 4000 years ago, his king, Pharaoh Merenre, sent him him to explore the land of Yam. Which is more commonly known as a place in which African country?

  • Angola
  • North Sudan
  • Nigeria
  • Cameroon


There was a famous knight who died in the service of his master, King Charles the Great. The knight had to protect the army from Muslim attackers as they crossed Spain. But what was him name?

  • Lancelot
  • Rodrigo
  • Roland
  • Edward


The legend of St George tells how the brave knight killed a dragon. The dragon was terrorizing the people of Lydia. But which Asian country is Lydia more commonly known as today?

  • Turkey
  • Tajikistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Turkmenistan


Near the pyramid of Khafre is a famous statue. It has a body like a lions, and the head of a human. It seems to show the face of King Khafre. But what is the name of this ancient statue?

  • Sunrise
  • Rubix
  • Canoe
  • Sphinx


There was an Egyptian ruler that built more temples than any other. Two of his finest achievements are the huge rock-cut temple at Abu Simbel and the great hall at Karnak. But what was his name?

  • Thutmose 3rd
  • Ramesses 2nd
  • Cleopatra 7th
  • Thutmose 2nd


And finally. The dark ages followed the fall of Rome. Barbarian peoples took over the Western Roman Empire, and ancient culture and skills were lost. But when did this happen?

  • 400 AD
  • 405 AD
  • 410 AD
  • 415 AD