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Carry On Quizzing 03

"Carry On" were a classic film series of mayhem and innuendo. How many memories do they conjure for you? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Comedy actor Ted Ray played his only "Carry On" role in which 1959 film?

  • Carry On Teacher
  • Carry On Nurse
  • Carry On Spying
  • Carry On Cruising

Question 2 Photo

Which "Carry On" film was the first to be filmed in colour?

  • Carry On Up the Khyber
  • Carry On Regardless
  • Carry On Cowboy
  • Carry On Cruising

Question 3 Photo

Which "Carry On" film is set in the murky world of espionage?

  • Carry On Abroad
  • Carry On Regardless
  • Carry On Spying
  • Carry On Emmannuelle

Question 4 Photo

A parody of which horror story provides the general theme for the 1966 film "Carry On Screaming!"?

  • Frankenstein
  • Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde
  • Count Dracula
  • The Body Snatcher

Question 5 Photo

In the second story to have a medical theme, who plays the role of hated hospital registrar Dr. Tinkle in the 1967 film "Carry On Doctor"?

  • Jim Dale
  • Kenneth Williams
  • Deryck Guyler
  • Sid James

Question 6 Photo

Which medically themed film "Carry On" is partly set in a private clinic and on a tropical island?

  • Carry On Doctor
  • Carry On Matron
  • Carry On Again Doctor
  • Carry On Nurse

Question 7 Photo

Which 1971 "Carry On" film is set in merry Tudor England?

  • Don't Lose Your Head
  • Carry On Henry
  • Carry On Regardless
  • Carry On Spying

Question 8 Photo

Which "Carry On" film follows a package holiday pub outing to the Mediterranean island Els Bels?

  • Carry On Behind
  • Carry On Regardless
  • Carry On Cruising
  • Carry On Abroad

Question 9 Photo

Which "Carry On" film sees Windsor Davies and Jack Douglas embarking on a fishing holiday while their wives go on a health farm holiday?

  • Carry On Behind
  • Carry On Jack
  • Carry On Camping
  • Carry On Abroad

Question 10 Photo

Which "Carry On" film features Jim Dale in search of an alternative sea route to the far East?

  • Carry On Jack
  • Carry On Abroad
  • Carry On Columbus
  • Carry On Cruising