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Particle Physics Quiz

Small Quiz On Physics 8 Questions.

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What is super string?

  • Coloured material which can be sprayed out of cans and provide hours of fun for all ages
  • A time line in physics and chemical reactions needed for an effect to take place
  • Forces needed to hold atoms together
  • A hypothesis which attempts to explain the elementary particles of nature

Question 2 Photo

What are mesons?

  • A type of composite particle produced by high energy
  • A contagious disease caught by subatomic particles
  • An antimatter version of the electron
  • A type of Japanese soup

Question 3 Photo

Why are scientists looking for the so-called 'God Particle' or 'Higgs Boson'?

  • They like crashing atoms together for fun
  • They want to find a force carrying particle that gives other particles mass
  • They want to find evidence of God
  • Because physicist Peter Higgs wants his boson back

Question 4 Photo

What are bosons?

  • Elementary crew members on merchant vessels
  • A term in particle physics used to describe matter
  • Subatomic particles that carry forces
  • An electron switch used in nano-circuits

Question 5 Photo

What are fermions?

  • Elements with ferrous metallic properties
  • Fundamental particles of matter
  • Hard subatomic solids
  • Groups of particles with the same charge or mass

Question 6 Photo

What are the fundamental particles of an atom?

  • Quarks, gluons and electrons
  • Protons, neutrons and electrons
  • The nucleus and electron orbits
  • None of these

Question 7 Photo

Fundamental or elementary particles are particles that aren't made up of smaller particles. What is the most common type of fundamental particle in the universe?

  • Atom
  • Meson
  • Neutrino
  • Quark

Question 8 Photo

Which sentence best describes the known dimensions of physics?

  • There are two known dimensions: matter and antimatter
  • We live in a multi-dimensional universe with infinite dimensions
  • There are four known dimensions: length, height, width and weight
  • There are four known dimensions: Length, height, width and time