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Proverb -O-Mania

Guess the hidden proverb from the accompanying picture!!Enjoy 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Identify the proverb hidden in the picture?

  • It takes two to quarrel
  • Two is better than one
  • It takes two to tango
  • Twice the safe

Question 2 Photo

Can you guess the hidden wisdom words from the picture?

  • Better safe than sorry
  • If you snooze you loose
  • Be wise than sorry
  • You race only once

Question 3 Photo

Try to identify this proverb?

  • Dumpster hardware
  • Garbage in,Garbage out
  • Garbage Computer
  • Waste hardware

Question 4 Photo

Identify this proverb from the accompanying picture?

  • You start with one step
  • Failure is the stepping stone to success
  • Start over
  • Those who try never fail

Question 5 Photo

Identify the hidden words of wisdom from this picture?

  • Every rose has its thorn
  • Appearances are deceptive
  • All that glitters is not gold
  • None

Question 6 Photo

Identify the hidden proverb from the picture?

  • All eggs are raw
  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket
  • Don't count your eggs before they hatch
  • None of these

Question 7 Photo

Guess the proverb in this one?(this one's tough)

  • Daffodils sway
  • Green is mean
  • Bloom where you are planted
  • None of these

Question 8 Photo

Can you identify this proverb?

  • A stitch in time saves nine
  • Killing time
  • Time stops for none
  • Taking time

Question 9 Photo

Identify the proverb in this picture?

  • Chained wheel needs no grease
  • Rusting brains need grease
  • Slippery wheel
  • Squeaky wheel gets the grease

Question 10 Photo

Can you guess this final proverb right from this picture?

  • Like father like son
  • Apple does'nt fall far from the tree
  • Like mother and daughter
  • None of these