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Xtremely Hard Disney/Pixar Animation Quiz

See if you know the answer to these extremely obscure bits of trivia culled from Disney and Pixar animated features. 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What Disney character does the genie pull out of the pages of his cookbook when looking for a spell to turn Aladdin into a prince?

  • Nemo
  • Sebastian
  • Pumbaa
  • Thumper

Question 2 Photo

In "The Little Mermaid" Ursula hands Ariel a scroll with the outline of what character hidden in the words on the page?

  • Donald Duck
  • Tinkerbell
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Captain Hook

Question 3 Photo

In Toy Story 2 a calendar on Andy's bedroom wall shows character's from what Pixar movie?

  • A Bug's Life
  • The Incredibles
  • Antz
  • Monsters, Inc.

Question 4 Photo

What is the origin of the "A113" that appears in many Pixar film scenes?

  • It is the office number of company founder George Lucas
  • It's the parking slip number for the employee of the month
  • It's the stage number where Pixar films
  • It's the number of the animation dept. where many of the animator's trained

Question 5 Photo

As an ongoing joke, the same delivery vehicle appears in every Pixar film. What name is on the vehicle?

  • Worldwide Mover's
  • Doodle Diaper Service
  • Pizza Planet
  • Big Blue Bottled Water

Question 6 Photo

In "The Lion King" when Simba collapses after talking to Timon and Pumbaa about stars, what letters does the dust that flies up form?

  • SEZ
  • SEX
  • SIN
  • SFX

Question 7 Photo

In "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" Eddie walks into a restroom with graffiti saying, "For a good time, call ___ ____." Who do you call?

  • Mary Poppins
  • Allyson Wonderland
  • Snow White
  • Cindy Rella

Question 8 Photo

The scene in "Toy Story" when Buzz is knocked out of the window makes numerous references to what George Lucas film?

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Men In Black
  • Star Wars
  • Beverly Hills Cop