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A Quiz on 'The Pirates In an Adventure with Scientists'

If you haven't seen this film, you should it is funny. Anyway here is a quiz for people who have. 10 Questions.

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What is the name of The Pirate Captain's 'parrot'?

  • Pippa
  • Poppy
  • Polly
  • Penny


How does Charles Darwin describe Mr Bobo?

  • A Manpanzee
  • A Chimpmanzee
  • A Manchimp
  • A Chimpman


What award does the Pirate Captain dream of winning?

  • The Best Captain award
  • Beard of the Year award
  • The Most Fearsome Pirate award
  • The Pirate of the Year award


Which British monarch is on the throne in the film?

  • Elizabeth I
  • Henry VIII
  • Queen Victoria
  • George V


How does Mr Bobo communicate?

  • He can talk
  • With flash cards
  • In sign language
  • He dosen't


What is the first type of disguise used by the pirates when they get to London?

  • School Children
  • Scientists
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Guides


What is the name of the female pirate who is the Pirate Captain's rival for the award?

  • Cutlass Liz
  • Cut throat Kate
  • Pegleg Penny
  • Captain Claire


What is the prize for the Scientist of the Year award?

  • A small cup and a stack of encyclopedias
  • A bag full of money
  • A stack of encyclopedias and a small bag of coins
  • Nothing there is no Scientist of the Year award


How do The Pirate Captain and Charles Darwin find The Royal ship?

  • Following in The Captains own ship
  • By Peddle powered airship
  • Flying in a hot air balloon
  • By stealing another ship


Can you put these ships in order of when the Pirates try to loot them, first to last?

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  • Plage Ship
  • Geography Field Trip
  • Ghost Ship
  • Nudest Ship