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The Fancier Words For Everyday Things Quiz

Currently, I am creating a English to Luxembourgish dictionary, if interested to see my mistakes - please ask! 8 Questions.

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What does the word ''Glabrous'' mean?

  • Free from hair; smooth. Bald.
  • Not dirty; clean.
  • To have a shiny surface; shiny.
  • Problematic, have no idea about.

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What does the word ''Knismesis'' mean?

  • Love, romantic.
  • Old, but in a good condition.
  • Fresh, new.
  • Light feather-like tickling.

Question 3 Photo

What does the word ''Stillatitious'' mean?

  • When something or somebody is still for a long time and start to shake.
  • Liqueur of a range of different ''weird'' colours.
  • Falling in drops.
  • Sharp edges.

Question 4 Photo

What does the word ''Fletcherize'' mean?

  • To reduce food to tiny particles by prolonged chewing.
  • To constantly think of the same thing.
  • To forget very quickly.
  • To lie about your test result.

Question 5 Photo

What does the word ''Barm'' mean?

  • Beer foam.
  • Insulting taste.
  • To have little patience.
  • To worry about somebody else's actions.

Question 6 Photo

What does the word ''Postprandial'' mean?

  • Taking place after a meal.
  • To have a small appetite.
  • To graffiti a historically important monument.
  • To dance around in circle.

Question 7 Photo

What does the word ''Pandiculation'' mean?

  • To behave not accordingly to any rules.
  • To feel anxious before your new job.
  • To feel there is something wrong with other people.
  • Stretching and stiffening as when drowsy or fatigued.

Question 8 Photo

What does the word ''Velleity'' mean?

  • A wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action.
  • To feel lazy, weak.
  • To end a conversation suddenly.
  • A wish to own the whole planet and resources.